India, Israel relations best in mathematical formula: Benjamin Netanyahu

Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a great leader in the world, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the relationship between the two countries is better than the mathematical formula. Netanyahu said that partnership between the two countries will be expanded in water, security, energy and many other areas.

india israel relation

He said, “The success formula is simple, this is ‘I-Square T-Square’, which is equal to the relationship between Israel and India for the coming tomorrow. I believe this is a mathematical formula, remember.”

Netanyahu said that there are “many reasons” behind the reliability of partnership between India and Israel and they cited Hindi and Hebrew – two languages most heard in California’s Silicon Valley. He said, “Sometimes English is also heard.”

Netanyahu said that he also believes that Indians and Israelis share ‘very sympathetic’ and ‘natural brotherhood’.

He said, “100,000 Israeli people of Indian origin in Israel and Jews living in India are human-bridge. Thirdly, I am convinced of our success due to their people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the great leader of India and The great leader of the world. Israeli tour is proof. ”

He recalled his first meeting with Modi three years ago in the United States and explained how he agreed to break the rest of the wall between India and Israel and started handing each other and building a historic partnership.

Netanyahu said, “We met again in Paris and since then we have had many conversations on the telephone so far, but I remember what my friend said during the first visit.” As far as India-Israeli relations are concerned, its border is skyline. But in fact, my friend’s border is not the sky, because today our space program is working to go even higher. ”

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