HAL Tejas & Pakistan’s Thunder Showcased at Bahrain International Airshow 2016

India’s LCA HAL Tejas at Bahrain: The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomes visitors from Gulf region and the world. The Island preparations have been underway for 18 months, but the primary focus is here at the Sakhir Airbase, Bahrain. Bahrain is all set to welcome world’s most equipped and cutting edge aircraft and key decision makers from the international airspace industry.

Behind the scene, many skilled individuals from the aviation world come together to create one of the most exciting events from the sector busy cosmopolitan calendar. Welcome to the Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS 2016). Click here to know more about the events at Bahrain International Airshow.

India’s Light Combat Aircraft Tejas Showcased at Bahrain International Airshow 2016

india light combat aircraft HAL tejas showcased at Bahrain international airshow 2016

Around 2630 km far from New Delhi, International Airshow 2016 will start in which major countries will showcase their aircraft and technology.

The LCA HAL Tejas MK-1 (Light Combat Aircraft) representing Indian at Bahrain International Airshow 2016. LCA Tejas MK-1 is small, lightweight and multi-mode supersonic aircraft which is a result of mainly Indian innovation and development. DRDO designs LCA HAL Tejas and manufactured by HAL.

LCA HAL Tejas MK-1 is a symbol of capabilities of India and the skills of Indian. Tejas is a unique aircraft in many ways like incorporating some key technologies from the use of some carbon composite in the airframe to its advance pure delta wing configuration.

India’s LCA HAL Tejas MK-1 vs. Pakistan/China JF-17 Thunder Full comparison – Features & Specification and Technology

india aircraft hal tejas vs pakistan aircraft thunder features and specfication comparision


Carbon fiber composites 42% by weight, 43% aluminum alloy, remainder titanium alloy

Country India Pakistan/China
Engine type Single Klimov RD93 or WS-13 turbofan Single GE-F404-IN20 low-bypass turbofan
Technology Quadruplex redundant digital fly-by-wire; Glass cockpit and open system Architecture Avionics Quadruplex redundant digital fly-by-wire; Glass cockpit and open system Architecture Avionics
Structure Primary structure conventional aluminum and steel alloy semi-monocoque
Radar KLJ (MSA) and Thales RC 400; mechanic aluminum fire control radar ELTA EM302 co-developed by Indian agencies and ELTA; will be replaced with indigenous A ESA radar
Manoeuvrability -3g/+8g -3g/+8g
Empty Weight 6,411 kg 7,070 kg
Maximum Take-off Weight Normal 9,072 kg; with external stores 12,4774kg Operational Clean 9,850kg;maximum take-off mass 14,735 kg
Minimum Take-off Distance 609m 460m
Minimum Landing Distance 823m 750m
Thrust with Afterburner 84.4KN 84KN
Internal Fuel Capacity 2,268kg 2,458kg
External Fuel Capacity 8001 in fuselage-mounted drop tanks; underwing-mounted two 1,100/8001 drop tanks 7251 in fuselage-mounted drop tanks; 12001 and 8001 in underwing inboard and mid-board stations respectively

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DRDO & HAL LCA Tejas to showcase at Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS) 2016

HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) & DRDO (Defence R&D Organization, Ministry of Defence, India) showcased its strength to the world at the Bahrain International Airshow 2016 making the public debut of EMB-145 the DRDO’s indigenously developed airborne early warning and control system technology.

The crown prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa officially inaugurated the airshow 2016; he also showed particular interest in DRDO’s latest AVOX technology. AVOX is the electronic eye in the air with its range of 300 km. The system is designed to detect and classify threats present in the surveillance area and can act as a command and control center to support different defense operations. In 2014 during the airshow, the technology was originally introduced.

DRDO first took part in an international airshow in 2014 with a flying display, and it was certainly a proud moment for India when the aircraft took off from the runway in front of the world.

Besides AVOX, DRDO has showcased its other world-class technologies which were developed indigenously in India.

DRDO and HAL has shown to the world its capabilities and the future of limitless possibilities

Watch Indian LCA HAL Tejas Showcasing at Bahrain International Airshow


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