Chinese OPPO Employee torn Indian Flag & threw it in the dustbin!!! Company faces protest

Chinese Company OPPO is facing a backlash from the protesters outside its Noida Office after a Chinese Employee of OPPO disrespected Indian Flag. The Chinese employee ‘tore the Indian National Flag and threw it in the dustbin.’ When onlookers found out about Indian Flag disrespected, they started protesting against the employee in front of the Noida Office of OPPO located in Sec 63.

indian flag disrespected

The protesters have gathered in front of the OPPO office and raised slogans for the country and demanded strict action against the employee. Seeing the protest and crowd’s anger, OPPO company released a statement which says that it will investigate into the matter and strict action will be taken if the charges found against the employee is proved.

However, the crowd was furious and were adamant not to move from the place. Seeing the insensitivity of the crowd, police had to get involved and trying to control the crowd. Any further reports on this are still awaited while the protest is still going on outside the office.

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