India’s communications satellite GSAT-17 successfully launches through the Arian 5 rocket from the French Guiana

Describing this campaign as a special mission for ISRO, Sivan said, “GSAT-17 is needed for ISRO and India as it provides continuity in the service of two old satellites.

India's communications satellite GSAT-17
India’s communications satellite GSAT-17

Apart from this, it enhances our transponder capacity and extends our reach to mobile satellite services as well as to the Antarctic areas. HALSAT SAT (Member of the Arab Sat Group) is a major satellite operator and offers services in Europe, West Asia, and South Africa. INMAR SAT is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services.

The total weight of payloads with rockets is approximately 10,177 kg.

GSAT-17 is the 21st satellite of ISRO, which was launched by ArianSpace. Its lifespan is about 15 years.

The Indian Space Agency said that after entering the class, the master control facility at Hassan of ISRO took control of GSAT-17.

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