Insecurities among couple can increase pique in the relationship

If a man claims to be a broad-minded, helpful, and cool guy, but deep inside they are insecure on many women issues. On these topics, they avoid talking directly, but from inside they get irritated and these increase complications in relationship.

Insecurities among couple can increase pique in the relationship

Men neither understand brilliant women, nor they like them because women’s try to overcome even the slightest mistake and gives lecture unnecessarily. Due to which men are required to place too much thinking before saying something, laughing and making some excuse. Additionally, they are also insecure about their intelligence.

Other inferiority things include Males friends, speaking to Ex-partner, Multi-talented quality, Patience, fun & frolic, working women, late night outing, flirting, laughing at others jokes and getting attention.

Male Friends: If you think that only women feel insecure looking to other women, so you’re wrong, men’s feel too. If wife’s best friend is a guy, so it is certain that he will be the enemy of the husband and boyfriend. It also can become a reason of doubt in the relationship.

Talking to an ex-boyfriend, Women’s are more practical than men regarding the relationship. After a time, they forget the things in the past and prefer to keep a friendly relationship with their ex-partners. This habit of women tells about their practical nature and on the other hand, it increases the level of insecurity in males.

Men personally like multi-talented women because they can manage a lot of work together but they feel insecure when their talent is being compared to women. In this case, they are more often in a relationship which could lead to separation.

Women’s loves to talk, giving an opinion on every topic and gossiping. Men, in contrast, if gets a woman who is silent, doesn’t fight and is not interfering, in addition to feeling shocked they also feel insecure

Working Women: Although they needed support to manage the house, men never expect his girlfriend or wife to provide him financial support. In the eyes of most of the men, the image of a working woman is not so good, and when we are talking about women getting out of their houses to work, men get uncomfortable by thinking about the future.

Coming Home Late: Whether it is a promotion or some important project, if there is any reason why the women are coming home late, the level of tension along with insecurity gets increase rapidly. In their mind, they begin to think about the affair, sex and what not.

Flirting: If women laugh, talks and gets friendly with any other men apart from their boyfriend or husband, men doesn’t like it. It makes them very insecure, and it increases misunderstanding in the relationship.

Having Fun: Although men are not a little bit interested in becoming a part of the women’s gang, they get insecure seeing that their girlfriend or wife is having a gala time with her friends especially when they upload their pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

Getting Attention: From office party to someone’s marriage, if they are looking handsome even then if their girlfriend or wife gets all the praises and attention, then men feel insecure. Even all these things are seen even at a family function.

Laughing on Others Joke, Sounds weird, isn’t it? But yes, it is true. Men have problems when their girlfriend or wife doesn’t laugh at their joke but instead laughs at their friend’s joke.

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