International Women’s Day: Inspiring Stories, Wishes and Reality

We celebrate 8th March as International Women’s Day. On this occasion, we can see many sales and discounts coming up exclusively for women. But is that what Women’s Day is all about?

Regarding statics, there are 107 countries in the world where the condition of women is better than in India. According to World Economic Forum, out of 145 countries, India ranks 108th. In the previous fifty years, our nation’s head has been a woman for twenty-one years. In the center, out of twenty-three, six ministers are women. However, the image of India is not okay at an international level. Our reports run on United Nation Standard, whose co-operative study is difficult.

International Women’s Day: What they’ve achieved so far in India, as a woman

international women's day inspiring stories wishes realityComparing Indian women to the world: Income-wise

In India, the average income of urban women is Rs.607.7 whereas the average income of men is Rs.805.52. The difference widens if we talk about the rural areas. Also, In India, the average annual income of women is Rs.1 lakh 30 thousand. On the another hand, in America, the average annual income of women is 24 Lakhs, in U.K it is 17 lakhs, in China it is 6lakhs, and in Pakistan, it is 90 thousand.

Comparing Indian women to the world: Health-wise

In comparison to the countries that are progressing in health facilities, India is far behind. In India, there are still cases when Doctor or trained professionals are not available for pregnant women on time.

Comparing Indian women to the world: Pregnancy-wise

The average age in which a woman becomes a mother is 26.4 in India.

Comparing South Indian women to rest of India

The figures vary drastically. According to Census 2011, in India, for every 100 men, there are only 943 women. In it, only Pondicherry and Kerala are the states where the number of women is greater than that of men. The worst state is of Haryana where for every 1000 man there are 834 women. In the states like Rajasthan and Bihar, the increase in literacy rate of women is still a challenge. The literacy rate of women in Bihar is 51.5%. On the other hand, for Kerala, it is 92.1%. In Madhya Pradesh, the girls get married at the age of 20.6 whereas the average age at which girls get married in Kerala is 23.1.

Narendra Modi and other wishes on International Women’s Day

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