ISIS planning two-pronged attack on India, target Hindus: Dabiq

ISIS has once again spat fire against India. Terrorist organization ISIS has warned India and said that it could attack India from two sides. One from Pakistan and other from Bangladesh. The terrorist group has disclosed its conspiracy against India in its magazine Dabiq. The terrorist would enter from the borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh and would attack India from both sides. ISIS also targeted Hindus for the first time.

ISIS planning two-pronged attack on India, target Hindus DabiqThe online magazine of ISIS, Dabiq has released its latest edition and disclosed it a conspiracy to make Gorilla attack India. The interview of ISIS terrorists in Bangladesh, Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Hanif has also been published in the online magazine Dabiq.

Online magazine ‘Dabiq’ published ISIS Chief Shiekh Abu Interview

In this interview, Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Haneef is talking about the double sided attack on India. Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Haneef said that the terrorists of Islamic State are ready to attack India from the borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

ISIS is also planning to make a base for Jihadis to spread terrorism in India. Abu said that the terrorist prepared in Bangladesh would start a Gorilla war on India from two sides. For the attack on India, ISIS would get the help from Mujahidin present in India, and they have strengthened the Jihads in Myanmar.

In the online magazine of the Islamic terrorist organization, Dabiq, the commander of ISIS have openly challenged the Hindus residing in India. It also said in Dabiq that Hindus are in a war against Muslims and Islam in India. Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Haneef also stated that Hindus are openly targeting Muslims in India. He also said that there are some Muslims in Bangladesh who are working against the principles of Islam.

According to the officials of Indian Intelligence Bureau, this is the propaganda of Islamic State. ISIS is doing so to motivate India Muslims to join ISIS, but they would not succeed in doing so.

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