ISIS targets Taj Mahal as its next mission, poster leaked from messaging app Telegram

ISIS has laid down its most dangerous plan for India which is now revealed by Site Intelligence Group. World’s most dangerous and horrific terror group has released its new poster which shows ISIS targets Taj Mahal as its new target. The site Intelligence Group tracked this poster through instant messaging group Telegram. ISIS which has laid its terror foundation in the middle east countries has spread its terror across the world. From a very long time, ISIS has wanted to enter India and was considered unable to do so, but after last week’s incidence of Lucknow ISIS suspects, it has become clear that ISIS has surely made its entry in India.

isis targets taj mahal

The post has sent waves of tensions across the nations as it is a serious matter of concern for not only India but also across the world because Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. Taj Mahal, which holds a greater heritage value across the world, has increased its security from last few years but after this message of ISIS was released, the officials have started arranging more tighter securities not only in and across the Taj Mahal but also across the whole Agra City.

isis flag

The poster also shows a van and a vehicle around the Taj Mahal. The poster shows Agra martyrdom seeker written in Arabic which means that ISIS targets Taj Mahal as its next mission. In the poster, a terrorist is seen holding missile in front of the Taj Mahal which possibly means the deadly attack of the ISIS in India. Last year, US intelligence group had warned India about ISIS attack in India. Since then several measures has been taken to stop violence from the terror group.

Off late, the ISIS have targeted the Indian Muslims to join their team. Earlier the national security didn’t have so many worries but when news started coming about the youth joining the terror group, created a huge matter of concern. Children from Kerala, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have been reportedly left the country and joined ISIS in Syria. Overall 75 youths have reportedly acceded to the terror group which includes some who were residing outside the nation for work or educational purpose.

It is less than a week after Lucknow ATS encountered an ISIS Suspect who was in the plan to create panic during the UP Poll. The ISIS suspect, Saifullah, was shot dead after a long 11 hours encounter. Apart from Saifullah, four other ISIS suspects were caught from Kanpur, Unnao, and Etawah.

After the poster of ISIS came out which revealed the real mission of the terror group which is ISIS targets Taj Mahal, security has been raised all across the country especially in the city of Agra and major cities of Uttar Pradesh.

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