ISRO Space Shuttle: India’s indigenous RLV-TD to launch on May 23 from Sriharikota

ISRO is ready to test its very own indigenously made space shuttle. It is the first time when ISRO is going to launch a Space Utility Vehicle. ISRO Space Shuttle is 6.5-meter-long SUV which weighs 1.75 tons and costs Rs 95 crore. ISRO Space Shuttle has been designed to present as an example of the level of technology, which took five years.

ISRO Space Shuttle India’s indigenous space shuttle to launch on May 23 from Sriharikota

Known for flying rockets for the first time ISRO has grown wings as it gets ready to test India’s very own Space Shuttle. The primary purpose of building this rocket is to reduce the cost. The space launching is a costly affair, so that is the main deterrent for not able to effectively exploit or utilize the space to its full potential. So, the drastic contradiction is possible only by reusing the launch vehicle.

India has spent Rs 95 crores and five years to make the first test model of ISRO Space Shuttle. It will lift off vertically from Shriharikota, and in this first flight it will land on the virtual runway in the Bay of Bengal, it will not be recovered.

ISRO Space Shuttle Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD)

ISRO has worked hard for more than ten years to reach a stage where it is testing a winged space body for the first time. India’s aim is to make it human rated so that in the decades to come human can also go up in this space shuttle. It is a small vehicle compared to the final one would be, and it is only an experiment.

ISRO Space Shuttle, Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) project director Shyam Mohan told that his team of 600 scientists had worked tirelessly for countless hours to ensure the perfect functioning of the system.

Working for almost three decades, 53 years old Mr. Mohan told that he was selected 15 years ago to design RLV for India. He added, “To create an RLV is nothing less than a dream come true, it is highly complex and challenging task.”

After flying space shuttle for 135 times, US Space shuttle was discharged in 2011 due to its cost limitations. The Russian only once in 1989, use their Space Shuttle. Now India is trying to enter the area where the rest of the space agencies have failed.

The director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram Mr. Sivan said, ‘these are some little steps before taking a big jump.’ In its first attempt, ISRO will launch this rocket by putting it over a 9 ton heavy, powerful rocket engine. After the launch of ISRO launch shuttle, moving at an altitude of 70 kilometers into the sky, it will be set free, where it will travel to five times faster than the speed of sound. It will then descend at five hundred kilometers from Sriharikota in the Bay of Bengal. RLV in its first flight cannot be recovered.

India will conduct such three tests, after which ISRO will prepare a 40-meter-long space shuttle.