Jackie Shroff reveled how Jai Hemant Shroff became Tiger Shroff

In a recent interview, Jackie Shroff finally revealed this bizarre reason behind Tiger Shroff name. Although Tiger is not like his father, he forgives him and when he was asked to say ‘two words’ about his father he said, “His father Jackie Shroff’s journey from Mumbai’s Chawl to Stardom not only inspires him but also teach to stay connected to the ground. Although he believes that he can never become ‘Bindaas’ like his father.” So here’s the real story.

tiger shroff name change from Jai hemant shroff

Tiger Shroff name change story has a bizarre reason

He uses to bite, He uses to scratch. Not now but when he was a toddler and due to these extraordinary abilities (at such as young age), his father (Jackie Shroff) named him Tiger Shroff. This is how Jai Hemant Shroff became Tiger Tiger Shroff. However, this is a very bizarre explanation, but poor Tiger did not even know that this act by him is going to give him pain for life.

This is what Tiger Shroff has to say about his father

Tiger said “My father has been taking care of me since my childhood, he gave me a very happy childhood, I know what background he has come from, my father used to live in a Chawl in the ‘Teen-Batti’ area. Seeing him motivates me to work hard and do great work for my family. ”

Tiger on getting professional advice from his father

“No, I do not take advice from him, because his and my style of working is different, he does everything ‘Bindas’ way. And I can not become ‘bindaas’ like them.”

Jackie stepped into the world of acting with the movie ‘Swami Dada’ in 1982, while his son Tiger debuted in the film ‘Heropanti’ in 2014.

Tiger is currently in the remake of the Hollywood movie ‘Rambo’ and ‘Munna Michael’, ‘Student of the Year2‘ and ‘Baghi-2‘.

Tiger on remake of Hollywood films in India

“I think that this trend is very good, Hollywood movies are great, there are many such films which I have seen over and over again, We can not make it completely in the same format, but at least we can take the essence of that story and make a little Indianization of it.” Here is the list of Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2018.

Tiger on growing expectations of people 

“Pressure is there, but it is a positive pressure..something that encourages you to work harder. It will make me work better than the best and give the audience more fine films.”

When Tiger Shroff was trolled for his name

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