Jai Gangajal Box Office Collection Report and Analysis

Priyanka Chopra’s “Jai Gangajal” has been released today. The director of the movies is Prakah Jha. Beside Priyanka Chopra, the main characters of the movie are Manav Kaul, Murli Sharma, Ninaad Kaamat and Rahul Bhatt. But the interesting point here is that Prakash Jha himself is playing an important character in the movie “Jai Gangajal”. Let's take a look at the Jai Gangajal Box office Collection report.

According to Prakash Jha, the movie is not the sequel of 2003 released “Gangajal” but rather only the name of the movies is “Jai Gangajal”. It is prominent that Prakash Jha wants to take the benefit of Gangajal’s popularity.

jai gangajal box office collection report and analysis

Jai Gangajal Box office Collection in India and Overseas

Jai Gangajal was released on this Friday at India and Overseas. The movie was released in 2684 screens in India and more than 300 screens overseas. Jai Gangajal box office collection was below as per the expectations on its opening day (Friday) and movie was not able to attract audience at the box office.

The exact figures for Jai Gangajal Friday (1st Day) Box Office Collection are yet to come out, but according to the movie analyst, Jai Gangajal will be able to collect 3-7 crore in its opening day. The exact figures will be uploaded soon.

Talking about the story of the movie Jai Gangajal, Priyanka Chopra is playing the character of S.P. Abha Mathur who is given the responsibility of Bankipur district. This is done so that the MLA there could win the election with the help of Police and Mafia. Also, there is a plan of taking over the farmers’ land and open a power project there.

The nexus between the politicians, Mafia and Police is affecting the people badly. But here S.P. Abha Mathur takes the responsibility to free the people from the hour of difficulty and expose the criminals. Sounds like Desi Quantico, right?

The story of Jai Gangajal is not very different from movies like Gangajal and Singham. The movie lacks in new storyline. The movie Jai Gangajal is showing what you have already watched many times.

The movie Jai Gangajal would move in its own stereotype form as if it has a fixed formula. The first half of the movie is slow and the audience would wait for the interval. The reason is that in the movie Jai Gangajal the incidents are happening but the story is not proceeding further. Some characters of the movie are the same that you would generally see in a typical Prakash Jha movie.

There was a special reason for naming the movie Jai Gangajal on the basis of 2003 released Gangajal. Those who watched the movie Jai Gangajal said that they should name the movie “Suicide”.

Now, let’s talk about the strong points of the movie. The only strong point of the movie is the performance of the actors. The whole movie lies on the shoulder of Priyanka Chopra and Prakash Jha. But, both of them somehow managed to work marvelously.

Priyanka Chopra affects us with her expressions and spontaneous acting on the other hand Prakash Jha succeeds in the attempt to start his acting career. It is a different thing that at some point he was in the shade of Nana Patekar and in other Ajay Devgan, but he somehow managed to bind the audience with his acting. Manav Kaul also fits in his character.

The movie Jai Gangajal is a one-time watch. There may not be any fresh plotline in the script but it could be watched for entertainment purpose.

Besides Jai Gangajal, Neerja is still enjoying a joyous ride at the box office window. The total box office collection of Neerja is Rs 57.75 cr, in India. Well, it will be interesting to watch that will 'Jai Gangajal' will be able to give tough competition to Neerja. Stay with us for more updates on Jai Gangajal Box Office Collection status.

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