Jakarata Bomb Blast: Terrorist target United Nations building

Jakarta Bomb Blast (Indonesia): A series of bombs blast in Jakarta have killed more than ten people and injured several. Some new video footage of this terrorist attack were found, which shows the explosion in the video. In these videos, you can also listen shouting people below the Cakrawala building in the Starbucks cafe. According to the eyewitnesses, three suicide bombers exploded themselves inside Starbucks cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia.

7,000 Km far from Delhi, The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is under threat as the terrorist has attack the Cakrawala building. According to the reports, there were six serial blasts within a short span of time in front of the Starbuck café.

jakarata blast terrorist attack the capital of indonesia

3 Police officers Injured, Several Civilian Killed in Jakarta Bomb Blast

An eyewitness told to media that all the terrorist came here in bikes and started exploding grenade and after the fourth explosion, they started firing. The Tactical Assault Team of Indonesia have been reached at the place of attack and have taken the position against the terrorist to counter them.

jakarata bomb blast killed several people in front of starbucks cafe

More than ten terrorists were on their way to target United Nations building. A staffer of United Nations injured during the attack, and it is yet not clear whether he is alive or not.

The terrorist organization like ISIS or IS has taken the responsibility of Jakarta blasts, and initial predictions say that terrorist origination “IS” can be behind these attacks. According to the Intelligence Department of Indonesia, these attacks were not made by IS.

With thousands of prays for the victims of the terrorist attack, people are showing solidarity and tweeting with #PrayForJakarata, from across the world.

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