JDS General Secy writes to EC demanding cancellation of RS polls

It has another big impact after Rajya Sabha sting surfaced in the media. Secretary General of JDS Danish Ali has submitted a letter to the Election Commission requesting Rajya Sabha elections countermand. Ali has written to the poll demanding cancellation of election in the light of the continuing probe. Danish Ali has also threatened to flip the JDS over the issue.

rajya sabha election sting cash for voteRemember party chief and former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda has defended his state’s party MLAs featured in the sting. After the sting operation on Rajya Sabha seats for sale surfaced, JDS has written a letter to EC.

Danish Ali said, “I have demanded countermand of the Rajya Sabha elections in Karnataka because after the expose by electronic media, it has proved that the malpractices are taking place and money is being discouraged. So, I think this is the sufficient ground to countermand the elections.”

He added, “It’s a question of the sanctity of Rajya Sabha, and we cannot compromise on the type of people we are sending to Rajya Sabha. I think Heaven will not fall if the elections countermanded. Let’s wait for the conducive atmosphere to hold the election. I believe that election commission will take the note of it and will cancel the elections.”

While addressing to media, Ambika Soni said, “I have seen parts or experts of this sting operation carried out by a couple of electronic media channels. As a Member of Parliament and MLA, you get area development funds, and there is nothing unusual in articulating that but what has worried me is cash for vote theory. We’ve heard it in the background in whispers that sometimes these things occur, which should not. But this time the way sting shows that people are almost blatant about it, I think it’s something we need to be ashamed of.”

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