Kabul Terror Attack: Terrorist Aims Secret service Unit

The terrorist group Taliban has attacked the Secret Service Unit in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. The attackers have blasted a truck full of explosives. Some attackers are present in the compound of Secret Service Unit. The firing is still going on. More than 24 people killed until now. The Secret Service Unit is responsible for the protection of VIPs (Very Important Person). Kabul’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani condemned Kabul terror attack.

Kabul Terror Attack Terrorist Aims Secret service Unit

US and Indian Embassy near the point of Kabul terror attack

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has criticized the Kabul Terror Attack and has stated it as a terrorist attack. The blast happened in Pool-E-Mahmud area. The area also has US assembly in it.

On Tuesday morning, much smoke was seen by locals in the sky of Kabul. Also, the siren was heard from US Embassy. US Embassy and NATO Military have confirmed that no harm was done on their side. In the same areas US Embassy and Secret Service Unit, headquarter of NATO Military is also present.

Taliban recently warned that it would attack on NATO forces as well as in the US soon. Additionally, the Secret Service Unit where the Kabul terror attack took place is only 3 km distant from Indian Embassy. However, all the Indians are safe according to the sources.

Security forces now cover the whole Pool-E-Mahmud area. The target of the attack has not been found yet. However, the office of Ministry of Defence and Secret Agency of Afghanistan is in the same area.

According to the sources, blasts are being followed by gunshots. Taliban earlier declared a “Spring Fighting Season” where it announced that it would attack the US and NATO services along with all the government offices this spring season. Taliban claimed that this spring season would be filled with blood.

The terrorists have aimed the government office for their attack. Taliban has taken responsibility for the Kabul terror attack. The spokesperson of Taliban, Jabihullah Mujahid, said that Taliban had made the attacks.

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