Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU row accused, Supports Gurmehar Kaur; actively participates in protest march against ABVP

The whole incident of Ramjas College turned the University into a political battleground with students and professors marching and protesting against the situation that aroused many controversies. Tiranga March and Peace March was carried across the university to protest against Hindu-wing student activists ABVP by the Left-wing ideologists AISA. The protest March was joined by JNU student and Former JNUSU head Kanhaiya Kumar, who is facing serious sedition charges. Kanhaiya Kumar supports Gurmehar Kaur protest against ABVP where he actively participates in the protest march.

kanhaiya kumar supports gurmehar kaur

The Ramjas Row begun after the ABVP canceled the two the seminar on the college campus because the speakers of the seminar were supposed to be Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid, the two most dominant faces in the 2016’s JNU controversy. The students of Ramjas College made a silent protest to the Maurice Nagar Police Station demanding action against ABVP, but the silent protest turned into violent one where stones were petted on students and teachers by ABVP. It started the movement against ABVP where the AISA and JNUSU strongly condemn the violence created by ABVP.

The fire of violence got broader and massive after Gurmehar Kaur, the first-year student of Lady Shri Ram College posted a picture on social media holding a placard which says words against that. It took an ‘anti-national’ turn after a bit of her video posted by Gurmehar last year came into the limelight where she says, ‘Pakistan didn’t kill my Father, but the war did.’ The whole video which from nowhere, contains or shows any anti-national words or gesture, was presented in the media showing Gurmehar as an anti-national identity. It made social media took a roll over her in which famous personas including cricketer, athlete, and celebrities as well as sitting parliamentarians too jumped into the troll claiming Gurmehar as an anti-national.

Things got whirled into a new direction after Gurmehar Kaur receive rape threats and multi-directional pressure made her withdrew her protest against BJP backed ABVP and leave the city as well. After Gurmehar had left Delhi, photos of Gurmehar with filmmaker Ram Subramanian, who is associated with Aam Aadmi Party circulated in the social media saying Aam Aadmi Party’s role in this ‘patriotic war.’

gurmehar kaur aap

The next stage witnessed the massive protest against ABVP where the students and professors marched raising slogans against ABVP but again a flavor of the controversial element was added after the students, the majority of them who have never been to Kashmir in their lifetime, raised slogans of Freedom for Kashmir! That sounds irony because Yesterday’s march was attended by Kanhaiya Kumar, who himself faces serious sedition charges against him for raising anti-national slogans on the University campus. All these regular events caused due to no logical reason has again turned an academic platform into a political battleground with results coming as void, as the battle has divided crowd into two political extremes, with none seeming down or falling out for social benefits.

The solution for this humid and subtle state of ideological violence is yet unknown, but we still need a reliable and illuminating answer to this conception crisis.

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