Kapil Sharma Girlfriend finally revealed, shares her photo with sweetest message

Comedy King Kapil Sharma girlfriend name finally revealed after a very long time. Kapil Sharma, who flirts with every actress who comes on his show, had taken everyone by surprised when he announced his girlfriend. Kapil Sharma is expected to ring the wedding bells very soon, but the lady love of his life was unknown. Kapil wants everyone to know that he is in love and wants the world to know about it. And he does it charmingly.

kapil sharma girlfriend

Kapil first posted a post where he creates suspense by saying that he has something significant to share and tells everyone to wait for 30 minutes. But the lover boy can’t wait that long and shares a picture with his girlfriend within 10 minutes. Kapil captions the photo with the sweetest words. He says, “Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u Ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much:)

Kapil Sharma girlfriend Ginni Chatrath had been living in Jalandhar, and she holds an MBA degree. Kapil and Ginni are friends from their college times and used to do stand up comedies together in college. Kapil and Ginni used to perform together in college fests. They performed in Punjabi laughter show Hash Baliye together. They had been a couple since past ten years. While Kapil moved to Mumbai to start his career, Ginni stayed back in Jalandhar, but love between them always remained fresh as it used to be. Kapil was linked with his co-star Sumona Chakravarti and creative director Preeti Simoes, but these rumors have never affected Ginni.

kapil sharma ginni

Most interestingly it is Kapil’s Mother who is the happiest with Kapil’s choice. “She had wanted Kapil to settle down for a long time. She wants to have grandchildren around her. That’s something old people want in the house, so, she is over the moon,” the insider said.

Ginni associated with Kapil Sharma Production house K9. “When you have a well-educated person in the family, then why not have her say in the business.  The source said. Well, finally Kapil Sharma girlfriend has been revealed, and we are eagerly waiting to hear the wedding bells soon.

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