Shocking: Kapil Sharma hitted Sunil Grover with his shoes just because he ate before him!

Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover controversy is getting worst with the passing days. After the public brawl, Sunil Grover has skipped The Kapil Sharma Show shooting, which gives rise to the fact that he might have quit the show. Not only Sunil Grover, but Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar too have skipped the shooting. However, none of the actors have yet given the official confirmation about quitting the show. Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover latest news about what exactly happened on the flight will make you a sense of disgust.

kapil sharma sunil grover latest news

Everyone knows that Kapil hit and abused Sunil on the flight which they board from Melbourne to Mumbai. Here are the exact details of what happened on the flight that day. According to an eyewitness who was traveling on the same flight sitting just near to Kapil’s team. He told that Kapil had consumed an entire bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey, and was heavily drunk. When the Cabin Crew served food to Kapil Sharma’s team, they started eating while Kapil was still finishing his drink. That angered Kapil Sharma immensely who got up and started shouting at his team members.

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The Co-stars who looked so startled started returning half eaten food trays to the Cabin crew. At this point, Sunil Grover tried to calm Kapil down, who then started yelling at him. “Kapil got up, took off his shoe, and hit Sunil,” says the source, adding, “He also pulled Sunil’s collar, and repeatedly slapped him.”

kapil sharma sunil grover controversy

As the tussle between Kapil and Sunil took place, a female crew member of Kapil’s team also got hit. “Grover tried to keep his calm and was trying to tell Kapil not to create a scene. By this time, Kapil’s abuses were so loud that can be heard where the economy class passengers were sitting. When the cabin crew asked Kapil’s team to calm him down, they refused and said they were scared. Kapil shouted at his team. To Sunil Grover, he kept repeating the fact that Sunil left his Show while he was on Colours, starting his own shown and then returning to Kapil’s show after failing to get TRP.

“While yelling, Kapil also kept loudly abusing in Punjabi. At some point, the cabin crew told Kapil that they would have to call security on landing if he didn’t stop. As for now, Sunil has not responded to any calls or message from any media house.

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