Karan Mehra says no to share bed with female contestants

karan mehra
Actor Karan Mehra wants people to see his real side in Bigg Boss 10

Ex-Naitik ji of famous TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is now a participant in Bigg Boss 10. The famous actor Karan Mehra has always stayed out of controversies and irony is that now he is participating in the most controversial show Bigg Boss.

Karan has in the past portrayed Naitik’s character and thus till date he has had a very clean image. Since the day people came to know that Karan will be one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house, his fans have gone crazy. There excitement has built up by the fact that they will be able to see Karan again on the small screen. Fans have flooded Karan’s Twitter account with messages congratulating him for doing the show Bigg Boss.

Karan has decided to participate in Bigg Boss because he wants people to see his real side. “Bigg Boss is a very interesting show. People have always known me as Naitik and not as Karan Mehra. I took up this show to let them know who I am and how I am in real-life. Also this season is going to be very exciting because of the concept common man and celebrities sharing the house. I said yes to the show because of all of these factors,” said Karan before entering the Bigg Boss 10 house.

karan nisha
Karan Mehra with his wife Nisha Rawal

Karan will have to stay away from his wife Nisha Rawal for three months as he will be trapped in the Bigg Boss house along with other contestants. What is appreciable is Karan’s comment that he won’t be sharing bed with any female contestant in the Bigg Boss house as he is a married man. On asking if such a situation arises, Karan said, “In case such a situation arises I will politely ask the girl to sleep on my bed and I will sleep in the living room. But I don’t think it is going to happen as Bigg Boss is a family show.” Karan further added that he cannot share his clothes also with anyone as he is allergic.

Though Karan has plans not to fight or do any back-biting in the Bigg Boss house, history of Bigg Boss tells us a different story. It has been next to impossible for the contestants of the show to not shout or fight. How Karan will actually behave in the house, remains to be seen.

Along with Karan, Rohan Mehra who has also been a part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as Naitik’s son, has entered the Bigg Boss house as a contestant. The excitement of the fans of both the actors has thus doubled.

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