Kerala government called meeting of 14 diplomats of African countries in cashew case

Kerala Government called a meeting of 14 diplomats from African countries as part of efforts to revive the stranded cashew sector in the state. It has employed more than two lakh people, mostly women.

Kerala government called meeting 14 African diplomats

Minister for Fisheries, Harbour Engineering, Cashew Industry, J Mercikutty Amma said here today; the meeting will be held on 28th and 29th June. It will be considered importing raw cashew nuts from African countries at reasonable rates without intermediaries. Foreign Ministry representative will also take part in the meeting. Apart from the other things in the meeting, the increase in export from existing Rs 6,000 crore to 9,000 crores will also be stressed.

The Minister said that the cashew industry would remain only when quality raw cashew nuts are available without any interruption, and the government is making efforts in this direction.

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