Khan Market vs Bhaijaan legal fight controversy

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan is once again in the news for a controversy. Although Salman Khan and Controversies can be considered synonyms now, the current one is neither due to any alleged affair of his with some international beauty nor has, he started a fight with another Bollywood actor. The recent fight is between Khan Market Trader’s Association and newly launched Salman Khan’s e-commerce portal

khan market vs salman khan legal fight
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Khan Market Trader’s Association Legal Notice to Salman Khan over e-commerce portal

Salman Khan has launched a website on the occasion of his 50th birthday, named Khan Market Online. But it looks like some people are not so happy with this e-commerce idea of Sallu Bhai. These people are no other than the traders of Khan Market of New Delhi. The traders of Khan Market have opposed the e-commerce portal and also sent a legal notice to him stating sharply that the name of the portal i.e. Khan Market Online should change.

Sanjeev Mehra, the president of Khan Market Traders Association, sharply raised his voice and told the media that Salman Khan is not a part of Khan Market of Delhi so he should immediately change the name of Khan Market Online to something else. He also said that there were a lot of efforts involved by the traders of Khan Market to rise themselves as a brand.

No problem, if portal renamed as Salman Khan market Online

Salman Khan has not taken the permission of the Traders Association. He also claimed that the Association sends him a letter to change the portal’s name but there was no response from his side, nor does any of his spokesperson contacted the Association regarding the matter. He also said that the association has no problem if Salman Khan changes the portal’s name to Salman Khan Market Online.

The legal notice against Salman Khan’s Khan Market Online was sent on January 15th after there was no response from Salman Khan. After the legal notice issued against the portal, Salman Khan’s legal team came into action and had assured that they would do the best they could. However, there are no claims from their side regarding the change in the name of the portal.

We are still not sure what will be the actions taken by Salman Khan. But both the parties should remember the Shakespeare’s quote:

What’s in the name, eh?

There is a seven days notice period, and if any satisfactory operations are not taken up in these seven days, the traders of Khan Market will go to court. The dealers have claimed that even they do not want to go to court and are hoping that Salman Khan would soon change the name of Khan Market Online so that they could once again claim the uniqueness of Delhi’s Khan Market.


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