‘Kinght of Cups’ actress Freida Pinto Says Hollywood started recognizing Indian Talent, it makes me feel proud

Hollywood has not started recognizing Bollywood and Indian talent, and it’s a high time when lots of Bollywood Actor & Actresses seen in various movies and shows of Hollywood. The ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame actress Freida Pinto says it makes me feel proud when see and listen that actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have made their space in the lead role in many significant projects in Hollywood.

She says, I always wanted to see this happen and now our country is getting represented and recognize, globally.

There are various TV show and movies/films like Quantico, Jurassic World, XXX – The Return of Xander, etc., which has been bagged by India Actors. Whether it is TV or Movies, we are making our presence everywhere.

‘Kinght of Cups’ actress Freida Pinto Says Hollywood started recognizing Indian Talent, it makes me feel proudShe added, I believe after the success of our stars in Hollywood, I will able to see many more actors, in Hollywood, from our film industry, in coming years.

Bollywood stars are now being recognized globally: Freida Pinto

“Now a Bollywood actor is not being seen as a regional; their success is making them global stars.” I know in coming years, the list of successful Bollywood actors in Hollywood, will grow.

Freida Pinto, working in the film industry from past eight years, says, It does not matter whether your role in the movie is long or short, what that’s matter is how the Indian actors are making their space in the crowded LA-based film industry. Their efforts recognized, and that is commendable.

When asked about her Bollywood projects, I’m looking at doing Indian films, and I have already done two Indians films, Slumdog Millionaire and Trishna, which is Indian language. Though it is an English classic novel, it’s was adapt to India film with 60% of Hindi and Marwari in it.

When asked about the differences she feels between Bollywood and Hollywood film industry, Freida Pinto replied, I don’t know, I haven’t done a hardcore Bollywood movie till now, but I can’t imagine the difference regarding dedication in your work.

Don’t scale you work; it’s something which will gain you respect: Freida Pinto

To succeed, you must be ready for any role. I have done various non-lead roles in different movies, and because of those roles, I am here today. Each time you do some work, I will be seen by lots of people, and that’s how your work will be taken I consideration.

It is not like that every actor who is successful now have done only big or leads roles in the past, they’ve done various non-lead roles or a little role in the various movie. The difference is that they did it honestly and that’s why their work took into consideration. Don’t scale you work in big or small; eventually, it is something which is going to give you recognition.

Freida Pinto has worked with several actors in his eight years of career. Some of the actors with whom she has worked are Woody Allen, Michael Winterbottom, Terrence Malick and Danny Boyle.

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