Learn how to ignore your ex from Arjun and Sonakshi

Once again Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha rumoured love affair is in the limelight. It was said that the couple has dated for a while. Though Arjun and Sonakshi did not manage to be together for long. After the breakup, both have made sure that their paths never crossed.

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It is been said that Sonakshi refuses to make eye contact with Arjun and tend to ignore him.

According to a report ‘Dabangg’ girl, Sonakshi Sinha has ignored Arjun Kapoor during the Kunal Rawal’s show at Lakme Fashion Week 2017.

Several Bollywood celebrities were seen in the show Lakme Fashion Week including Sonakshi and Arjun. In the show, Sonakshi gave Arjun a royal ignorance and even refused to acknowledge his existence.

Both Sonakshi and Arjun were present there to cheer their friend Kunal Rawal. Sonakshi was seen chatting with Varun Dhawan but had completely ignored Arjun and he did the same.

In 2016, Sonakshi and Arjun were seen at Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali party. In the Diwali party, they both ignored each other and no words were exchanged between them throughout the evening.

According to the source, last year at Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali bash Sonakshi was having the conversation with a group of friends. The moment Arjun entered the party the ‘Dabangg’ girl looked the other way and had ignored Arjun throughout the time she was there in the party. Even she made sure that their path did not cross the whole evening.

In the year 2015 Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor have worked together in the film ‘Tevar’. It is been said that both the actor parted their ways after the film. Even they both have ensured that they will stay out of each other’s way.

Recently, Arjun Kapoor is working in ‘Mubarakan’. For the first time uncle and nephew, Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are ready to share the silver screen. In the film also they both will be playing the role of ‘chacha-B Hati JA’.

In ‘Mubarakan’ Arjun will be playing the double role. The film stars Ileana D’Souza and Athiya Shetty. ‘Mubarakan’ is scheduled to be released in July.

Sonakshi will be seen in ‘Noor’ which is been directed by Sunhil Sippy. The movie is scheduled to be released on April 21.

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