Leonardo DiCaprio wins best actor award for character of ‘Hugh Glass’ in The Revenant

Once again Leonardo Dicaprio has made the cut, as nominations passed, the question remains, Will Leo finally win an Oscar? Well, here’s the answer, yes. One of the greatest actors of all time, Leonardo Dicaprio wins best actor Oscar award 2016. Let’s take a look at Leonardo Dicaprio’s incredible journey to Oscars.

leonardo dicaprio wins best actor oscar award 2016 for the revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor Oscar Award 2016, Crushing Eddie Redmayne for The Danish Girl

Leonardo Dicaprio snubbed at the Oscars five times, three for best actor, ones for best-supporting actor and ones for best picture producer. His Oscars snubs put him in the same company as other celebrated artists like Peter O-Toole, Richard Burton, Glenn Close, Deborah Kerr, Thelma Ritter and Amy Adams among other who’ve been nominated multiple times but never won.

Leo won 44 awards from 161 nominations from various awards shows, but never an Oscar. Leo is always up against formidable opposition.

In 1994, Leonardo Dicaprio nominated for the best supporting role. At the age 19, for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape but lost to Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.

11 years later, his return to the awards for Best Actor in ‘The Aviator’ got crushed by Jammy Foxx’s portrayal of Ray Charles in the biopic ‘Ray.’

Two Years later in 2007, his work on the American-German thriller ‘Blood Diamond’ was overshadowed by Forest Whitaker role in ‘The Last King of Scotland.’

And who can forget his 2014 role in ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet.’ Leo nominated as a producer for “Best Motion Picture of the year,” but also as Best Actor. Despite the success of the film ’12 years a slave’ beat ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’ for best picture and Matthew McConaughey won the best actor for his role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’

Finally on February 28, 2016; Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor Oscar award for the character of Hugh Glass in The Revenant and was able to take the golden statuette home.

According to the experts and movie analysts, since 2002, his films have made $3.4 bn worldwide. Everyone’s waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to take the golden statuette home since from nominations finally. Nominated for Oscars six times, including for The Revenant; once nominated as a producer too for the Wolf of Wall Street. There’s an 8-bit game available online called Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage that helps you help Leo to grab the Oscar dodging paparazzi (and Lady Gaga). Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese & Baz Luhrmann scored their biggest hits with DiCaprio. For Complete List of Oscars 2016 Nominations, Click here.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars Nominations vs. Best Actor Oscar Winners

Year Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars Nominations Best Actor Oscars Winners
1993 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape  Tommy Lee Jones
2004 The Aviator Jammie Foxx
2006 Blood Diamond Forest Whitaker
2014 The Wolf of Wallstreet Matthew McConaughey
2015 The Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Golden Globe Awards Winning and Nominations

Year Category Nominated Movie
2016 Won Best Actor The Revenant
2014 Won Best Actor The Wolf of Wallstreet
2013 Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Django Unchained
2012 Nominated for Best Actor J. Edgar
2009 Nominated for Best Actor Revolutionary Road
2007 Nominated for Best Actor Blood Diamond
2007 Nominated for Best Actor The Departed
2005 Won Best Actor The Aviator
2003 Nominated Best Actor Cathc Me If You Can
1998 Nominated Best Actor Titanic
1994 Nominated Best Supporting Actor What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Best Actor: This was his reaction after nomination

Leonardo DiCaprio said that this is almost like a very well rehearsed experimental art film and it’s a very changing movie for people of fine arts, and it’s been paying off, which feels great. The will allow me to make more movies like this, and this is why I’m excited.

When asked to him that “Whether this nomination is as exciting as it was in your teenage,” he said, “It’s very exciting, each time you make movies, you give everything you possibly can, all your focus it takes up. Indeed, this film took almost a year of my life. So, to be recognized like this it does feel great, especially when you put so much in something”.


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