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Twinkle Khanna on being ambassador of L’Oreal Professionnel, Mira Rajput Controversy and Karan-Kangana Dispute

twinkle khanna

Twinkle Khanna has always voiced out her opinions on other matter, and her ideas have always made a point. Bollywood too has various controversies going on now and then. Mrs. FunnyBones has been picked as an ambassador of salon hair brand L’Oreal Professionnel for India. Actress turned Author, and Interior Designer Twinkle Khanna addressed a press conference where she talked a length about Padman, Mira Rajput Controversy, and Karan Johar Kangana Ranaut Dispute. And she gave the best reply to every question.

twinkle khanna

On the other hand, on choosing Twinkle as an ambassador, the Hair Salon Brand said, “Twinkle Khanna is glamorous, multi-faceted and an inspiration to the woman of today. L’Oreal Professionnel is delighted to partner with her on our next beauty journey together,” Sussan Verghese, General Manager, L’Oreal Professionnel India, said in a statement.

At the Press Conference, Twinkle discussed the next Project of Husband Akshay Kumar’s Padman based on a true story, shot in Indore. Twinkle said, “It (shoot) is going very well. Mr. Muruganantham was also there. It’s a wonderful project. It will bring awareness about something which has so far been cloaked and shamed, and I am pleased to be a part of the film.”

Twinkle Khanna not only looked gorgeous but flaunted her beautiful hairs gorgeously. As Twinkle Khanna is a Childhood friend of Karan Johar, it was evident to ask her about his latest dispute with two-time National award winner Kangana Ranaut. As expected she replied the answer with her usual best. Check out her response.

Deepika Padukone is the new face of L’Oréal Paris? Check out the Teaser Poster

deepika padukone l’oréal paris

L’Oréal Paris has announced its new brand ambassador by releasing a new sensuous yet suspicious teaser poster. The French makeup giant L’Oréal Paris has signed Bollywood sensation Deepika Padukone for its Indian line of business. However there is no official confirmation on this news, but the makeup giant which released its teaser poster on social media, tagged Deepika in it giving clues indirectly for Deepika being the new face of the brand which shows Deepika Padukone L’Oréal Paris to work together for the Indian business line.

deepika padukone l’oréal paris

The new teaser poster shows women dressed in a black gown, and her face covered with a black hat where only she is seen wearing Mac finish dark red lipstick. L’Oréal Paris creative director shared a poster tagging Deepika Padukone in it. It says, “#firstpic#firstlook#introducing #brandambassador #actress@deepikapadukone for #lorealparis#lorealparisindia #lorealparismakeup#makeup #cosmetics #photoshoot#campaign #advertising #photographer@prasadnaikstudio #makeupartist @anilc68#stylist @shaleenanathani#celebrityhairstylist #hairstylist #hair#animacreatives #soloartists#dtales_creativeagency.”

Deepika Padukone will join the league after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor for the Indian business. Deepika is all set to accede to the join with International sensations like Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Zoe Saldana. Deepika has emerged as a new face for Indian cinema in the global platform. After her first Hollywood release XXX: Return of Xander Cage starting opposite to Vin Diesel was the biggest grosser in the Hollywood. We are sure our very own ‘Desi’ diva will shine India in the global platform.

Being Human latest Photoshoot shows sizzling chemistry between Amy Jackson and Salman Khan

being human latest photoshoot

Amy Jackson is the one who is over the moon in recent times. Having several reasons for rejoicing, the primary cause of Amy Jackson’s happiness is bagging a deal with Salman Khan’s line of clothing brand Being Human. Being Human latest photoshoot shows Amy and Salman in a stunning manner where both of them is looking fabulous in their attires. Salman and Amy are reportedly rumored to have something fishy going between them. According to the sources, Salman and Amy are spotted together more often. After Amy did a movie for Salman’s brother Sohail Khan ‘Freaky Ali,’ Amy and Salman have been rumored to be spending time with each other whenever they get time.

Flames of their affair sparked after British model, and actress Amy Jackson bagged major deal with Being Human Collection. Photo shoot for the brand has been done, and the photos are out. The photos for the Being Human collection shows Amy and Salman in a stunning look. Both Amy and Salman is looking breathlessly gorgeous in the brand line attires.

Amy Jackson flaunts a bell sleeved casual sheer top with a pair of fitted denim while Salman Khan flaunts a floral shirt over a tee paired with denim. The sizzling chemistry between the two can be seen in the photograph.

being human latest photoshoot

Styled by fashion designer Ashley Rebello, makeup and hair stylists for the shoot are courtesy Jacob Sadrian and Aasif. In an another photo shoot, Salman Khan is seen wearing a gray and white color-blocked tee with a pair of denim and sturdy black sneakers, introducing the first look of SS17 Campaign.

salman khan being human

Along with this clothing campaign, rumors about Amy and Salman’s affair is getting heated up. Amy is having her upcoming releases with Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar, whereas Salman is having his sequel opposite his ex-flame Katrina Kaif. It is also said that Amy was chosen for this clothing brand because he is getting fond of Amy very much. Amy is seen spending time with Salman’s family and is often seen in the family get together. Whatever the scenario is, Salman and Amy is undoubtedly raising the heat with their chemistry, and we are looking forward to more from them.

Marriage makes you less stressed, more healthy, says study

marriage secrets

People who are married have lower levels of stress hormone – which can in turn decrease risk of heart diseases as well as cancer – according to a new study that offers more reasons to take your relationship beyond Valentine’s Day.

marriage secretsStudies have suggested that married people are healthier than those who are single, divorced or widowed.

The new study provides the first biological evidence to explain how marriage impacts health.

Researchers found that married individuals had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who never married or were previously married.

These findings support the belief that unmarried people face more psychological stress than married individuals.

Prolonged stress is associated with increased levels of cortisol which can interfere with the body’s ability to regulate inflammation, which in turn promotes the development and progression of many diseases.

“It’s is exciting to discover a physiological pathway that may explain how relationships influence health and disease,” said Brian Chin, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in the US.

Over three days, researchers collected saliva samples from 572 healthy adults aged 21-55. Multiple samples were taken during each 24-hour period and tested for cortisol.

The results showed that the married participants had lower cortisol levels than the never married or previously married people across the three day period.

The researchers also compared each person’s daily cortisol rhythm – typically, cortisol levels peak when a person wakes up and decline during the day.

Those who were married showed a faster decline, a pattern that has been associated with less heart disease, and longer survival among cancer patients.

“These data provide important insight into the way in which our intimate social relationships can get under the skin to influence our health,” said Sheldon Cohen, professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

The research was published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.

World’s heaviest Woman expresses her love for Salman Khan

world heaviest woman

World heaviest woman Eman Abdulati has confessed being in love with Bollywood Superstar salman Khan and expressed her desire to meet the star. Eman Abdulati who weighs 500 Kg lives in Alexandria, Egypt was brought to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital for Bariatric surgery. She was brought to the hospital in a flight from Alexandria to Mumbai on her bed. She was carried inside the hospital with the help of a crane.

eman abdulatiEman told that she is a big fan of Bollywood and loves  watching movies of Shahrukh, Aamir and Salman but she has specific interest in Salman Khan. Eman has installed a television inside her room in which only Hindi songs will play and not Arabic.

As per the Doctor, Eman is suffering from Elephantiasis and was born with an abnormal weight of 5 Kgs. Her weight was increasing on abnormal rates. At the age of 11, She suffered from a brain stroke, which made her partially paralysed. Eman has not left her house since last twenty five years. Her weight reduction treatment was going in Alexandria but the Doctors were unable to find any permanent solution for her. So, they referred Eman to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital.

Initially Eman had to face a lot of difficulties for arriving in Mumbai. Eman’s Practitioner requested Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj to grant her the visa. Now, Eman is in Mumbai and her treat has begun with Doctors undertaking her in observations for three months.

World Cancer Day: Reduce the risk of cancer by following ways

world cancer day

World Cancer Day is observed on every year of 4th of February to encourage the awareness, prevention and cure of this massive disease. Every year millions of people across the world loses their life due this vicious disease. To increase the count-ability of cancer treatment, every year more awareness and advanced treatment procedures are introduced.

world cancer dayIn developing countries,  57% of new cases are diagnosed with cancer but the resources of cancer care services are only 5%. While in developed countries there are screening for number of cancers are available which leads to the early detection of the disease increasing the chances of survival. Whereas, in developing countries, diagnosis and access to treatment are restricted and very very expensive. This creates a huge inequality in access to cancer. This is largely due to the investments provided for cancer. There is a very urgent need to enhance the cancer controlling unit as it has accounted to almost 8 millions of death around the globe.

There are several steps which is needs to be applied as early as possible starting from the uplifting of the oncology section, from training the Oncologists to tackle the disease with minutes care and skilled attention, to uplifting the cancer equipment and radiotherapy technology which essential for the treatment of cancer patients. Early detection of the cancer leads to the higher success rate of the treatment.

By adapting simple lifestyle, consuming nutritional and healthier food can reduce cancer cause to a much lower extent. Here are some of the followings.

  1. Drink clean water

By doing so, you’ll reduce your exposure to known or suspected carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals found in water.

  1. Marinate meat first

Processed, charred, and well-done meats can contain cancer-causing hetero-cyclic amine, which form when meat is seared at high temperatures, and poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which get into food when it’s charcoal broiled. If you do grill, add rosemary and thyme or any other herb to your favourite marinade and soak meat for at least an hour before cooking.

  1. Caffeinate every day  

Drinking coffee everyday instead of tea will reduce the chances of cancer up-to 5%.

  1. Drink plenty of water everyday

By drinking up-to 7-8 litres of water can cut down a risk of cancer to much lower extend as it washes away of the harmful stances from the body.

  1. Go Green

Adding green and leafy vegetables to your diet can help in increasing the metabolism        which serves as a great defender of cancer. Cancer fighting vegetables like broccoli,   beetroot and fruits like berries are great way to stay away from cancer.

  1. Consume more nuts daily

Munching on nuts like almonds, walnuts , apricots and raisins provide a great source of  amino acids and omega 3 acids useful in fighting cancer.

  1. Exercise Daily

A regular exercise on a daily basis can reduce health risk resulting in healthier metabolism.

  1. Maintaining regular health checkups

It is very important to consult a doctor on a regular basis to keep on track of your health issues.

  1. Say NO to Trans-fat and refined sugar

Trans-fat and refined sugar has been recorded as one of the major contributor of cancer. Therefore stay committed to stay away from it.

  1. Never go for canned foods

Canned food can be very harmful as it changes the nutrition of the food into an useful substance causing the body much harm when consumed.

  1. Stop smoking and consuming alcohol

Smoking and consuming alcohol can be very dangerous as it causes serious damage to heart, lungs, liver and throat.

The chances for cancer survival has increased in the recent years but still there needs to be a lot of work done in improving the quality of cancer treatments across the globe. The good news is that for some cancer types, such as leukaemia and testicular cancer, many patients are cured. But much more needs to be done for people with other types of cancer, including pancreatic, lung, esophageal and brain tumours.

Here are some tips to get ready for new year winter party

winter season dress

The New Year is finally here and its time to get ready, do some shopping, buy some new clothes for New Year’s Eve.

winter season makeup

Getting ready is a normal thing but in order to make people go Wow you should start beauty preparation as early as possible.

A few simple tricks can do wonders for your skin as well as hair before any party arrives. If there’s one night to bust out all the sparkles and shine, it’s New Year’s Eve. Whether you’ve planned a big night out or you’re sticking closer to home, embrace the opportunity to dress up.

Let’s see some of the tips to get party ready for New Year

winter season dress

As winters have already arrived and skin can become dry in winter months so it is always advisable to care your skin with some home remedies like applying milk or honey would work. If not you can use your regular moisturizer for skin glow.

For the party Red lip is a must go because it will make you and your outfit more glamorous. If not red try Merlot color that is neither red nor purple or maroon. It is a superb mixture of these and is gorgeous. Would be a great choice of dresses for New Year party.

Taking about the dress you can wear the sheer wrapping that is high on trend these days. They will not only enhance your personality but also add coverage on this chilly winter night.

Other than that you can also try sequins short dress or jumpsuit that will make you sparkle and shine in the party.

There are few colors like black that never goes out of fashion. If not black a girl should never ignore the red color to look glamorous of all. Another popular look is the snowy white dress that is also high on demand these days.

Quirky is the new black this New Year. If you are bold enough you can try neon clothes with loads of accessories to go with it. Wear tees or pants in bold and popping colors such as neon orange, green, blue or pink with loads of antique accessories with it.

When you are done with your hair, makeup and skin that you were already taking care of before you just have to wear your dress and make people go mad for you.

Decorate your home this festive season

The festive season is around the corner and everyone is much excited to decorate their homes. The easiest way to revamp any room is to change the furnishing. You can use new curtains, cushion covers, poufs, rugs and bedspreads in bright festive hues. Metallic colors are much in trend these days. For example, Gold, being a metallic shade can brighten up any space. If not gold then you can opt for some shiny and velvet fabrics to brighten up your space. The festive season is a time of all shiny and bright things so we should always add something that will brighten up our space.

A festive furnishing ranges from cushions, rugs, poufs to couches, sofas, statues and many others. Grand lighting such as this charming chandelier hanging from the ceiling together with the ones on the walls creates a festive ambiance in the living room. The elegant chandeliers light up the whole living room with an air of sophistication and celebration. Another simple yet effective way of decorating the house is to throw in a few colorful cushions in. This will add a splash of color to liven up the house and set a cheerful mood for the occasion. You can also add antique items to your home décor which will create a great ambiance to any home décor.

Gold, being a metallic shade, can brighten up any space. However, it is important to use the color judiciously so as to not overpower the theme. Using gold as an additional element in an already existing color scheme will give that right amount of glitter without making space look too jazzy. Velvet sofas in neutral crème shades are accessorized with embroidered cushions will definitely glitter up any space. A chic Home Couture table with sleek gold legs and a simple white top adds a modern touch to your interior.

Natural fibers like cotton and linen are considered to be a preferable choice for soft furnishings. Window treatments play an integral part in enhancing the grace and look of ones’ interior. A heavy cotton fabric holds its shape beautifully and firmly further giving a phenomenal finishing touch to the interiors. On the other hand for wall coverings, woven fabrics are highly recommended which are designed with great care expertise to perfectly compliment every space and décor. These days eco-friendly wall coverings made up of natural palms, bamboo, grasses and paper weaves in grass cloth are also being preferred which have the unique design and look, further giving a classy and elegant appeal to the interiors.

It is very important to make a correct choice of fabric while selecting textures and patterns for the walls, curtains, upholstery and other soft furnishings. While selecting fabrics for festive purpose in soft furnishings synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are easy to maintain, also cotton is used extensively for soft furnishings and upholstery as this particular fabric is comfortable, durable and look pleasant.

Texture plays a very important role; damask a self-colored satiny fabric with woven floral designs gives a promising and alluring look to the curtains. One should look for fabrics which are easy to maintain, comfortable, soothes the ambiance and are durable for a long run.

10 ways to decorate your windows in beautiful manner

decorating windows

When it comes to decorating our house we often tend to forget one thing that is curtains and at last we end up creating the muddle instead of making the living area or the bedroom or the kitchen flawlessly beautiful.

decorating windows

Some of us purchase the window curtain as an addendum, something that needs to slip in but doesn’t really matter. Some of us are so confused and wrong in selecting the curtains that it end up creating the chaos of other furnishings as well. Window treatments do matter and it should be treated as an important part while decorating your house. Selecting the right window curtain is an important chore but if selected the wrong type or color it will completely ruin the other décor as well.

It is like you showcase your favorite picture with a beautiful frame same way you should decorate the nature’s artwork with beautiful curtains or the blinds. Curtains are very important like next to paint and act as a major makeover of any room.

Curtains add height, drama, breezy ambiance, the punch of color to any space.
There are many different types of curtains and draperies that you can imbibe in your house. Let us see the few curtains that look similar but they are different and should be used according to the purpose.

Cafe curtains – It covers only the portion of the window and while they are light, airy and give an informal feel to your room. Cafe curtains can be used when you want a simple window treatment in your house and don’t want much privacy.

Drapes – They are of full length, of hard material and gives formal look & feel to your room. Drapes are always craggy. Drapes can be operative means it can be open and close and even they can be stationary means they do not move and act as a decorative piece only.

Jabots and Swags – They both are irretrievably formal in touch & feel. While the horizontal portion that runs crossways the curtains above is swag while the complex pleated portion falling down the sides are the jabots.

Valances – They are usually hanged on the rod or the board and can be flat, ruffled, shaped gathered and many more infinite options available.

Cornice – They are just like valance but the difference between them is cornice is harder rather than soft.

Rod pocket – They are the other way to attach the drapery panel to the rod. There is the pocket on the upper side or you can say the starting of the curtains in which rod is the slot in. Again rod pocket is used when the drape is stationary and you are not moving your curtain otherwise you have to stand on the chair and pushing fabric along a rod.

Pleats – They can be attached to the hidden drapery or the hooks on the rod. In pleat, you will see the three finger pleats are most common among all in every household. While the French pleat you can see in the hotel room which is tacked only on the top and on the other side there is goblet pleat that is tackled on the bottom. Apart from all these, there is box pleat that forms a little box on the top giving it an old fashionable look.

Curtains are much like the window dressing and form a root of the entire look and atmosphere of the room. However, with so many fabrics, patterns, style to choose from it becomes difficult to select the option available in the market.

There are many people who chose one window curtain and fit in that curtain in every room, weather that particular curtain goes well with that room or not. Keeping this is mind let us look at some do’s and don’ts of the curtain usage:

Keep it different
There is an awful habit of some of us of putting the same curtains in all the rooms of the house. These are the silly mistakes that are made by most of the people. It is a fact that every room has different décor and according to that décor you should choose the curtains.

Light it up
Lights play an important part in creating nice and beautiful ambiance. The curtains that you will fit in your bedroom should be of dark color and of solid material to give the cozy ambiance to your room but the opposite applies to a living room where the curtains should be of the light material and light color to give a lively effect. In the living room, sheer curtains will go very well. Sheer curtains provide a light and airy feel that work wonderfully in many spaces. The common room or the living room doesn’t require much privacy, in fact it always needs light as light helps in brighten the room so while designing your room you should use sheer curtains. Many washrooms are on the first floor of the house so the material use should be hard window treatment so that it maintains the maximum window treatment.

Material is also an important part
Materials are also considered as an essential part. There are many different materials and fiber combinations that you can use it in your home but it is advisable to use the fade resistant curtains into your home especially when the room gets loads of light. The Even material of silk looks good in the room but only at the initial stage after that the silk material start to fades leaving the room dirty and ugly like never before. Though the silk material looks luxurious and creates elite environs in your house but with time it become paler and creates a dreadful look.

After all, Patterns are also important
The pattern you choose for your room can make your space larger and even smaller according to the pattern you choose. It is prudent to keep the background same while coordinating with the pattern you should also keep in mind that you should not incorporate different design in the same room to avoid the bedlam. Too large design can overpower while too small looks fussy and will blend in the background, so the designs and the patterns should be according to your need.

Curtains are like adding the beautiful necklace to any simple dress. However with so many options available above on how to treat your windows you can now make your interior striking and attractive like ever before.