LIGO’s gravitational waves discovery could shortlist for nobel prize

Yes! Gravitational Wave Discovered, A long time ago in a galaxy far away, two black holes collided and just like when you through a stone in a pond and it creates ripples on the surface of the water, this collision sets ripples to the space-time. Now, scientists have finally detected one of these ripples or as researchers call them gravitational waves. Gravitational waves discovery is one of the biggest discovery of the decade.

Albert Einstein first proposed the existence of gravitation waves in his theory of relativity over a hundred years ago.

We’ve been searching for them and trying for Gravitational waves discovery ever since and just how the ripples of the pond get smaller as they move further plunge point, ripples in the space-time get smaller too, and that’s why they’re so hard to detect until now.

President Obama Congratulate to NSA and LIGO on Gravitational Waves discovery

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory announces that they found the ‘Galactic Club’ Plunge by detecting and hearing one of the ripples.

gravitational waves discovery ripples sound detected by scientistsThe signal was on September 14th, 2015; it happened nearly 1.3 billion years ago when two black holes collided.

The collision of black holes has been theorized but hasn’t observed before, the theory goes like, the two black holes will circle each other and loose energy released as gravitational waves.

This enormous impact sent a shockwave of a gravitational wave as ripples in space-time through the universe at the speed of light.

1915s Einstein Theory of Relativity proves to be correct after Gravitational Waves discovery in 2016

According to the David Reitze the Executive Director of LIGO Laboratory, LIGO were able to detect such a tiny ripple by using two labs. The labs used massive and precise lasers, like 2.5-mile long lasers beams that can read 10,000 times smaller than a proton.

gravational waves discovery open window for sapce study of black holesThe lasers fired into two L-Shaped pipes that pass through a series of mirrors. Strain in space-time would change the timing when the lasers reach the destinations, and that’s just what happened on that faithful day.

The same ripples showed up in the detectors in the two labs just seven milliseconds apart and more incredible, these ripples matched up to what supercomputer models of gravitational waves had already predicted based on the calculations on the Einstein Theory of Relativity.

So it’s the real deal, we now have substantial evidence of gravitational waves and an evidence of the binary black holes and this discovery proves Einstein theory. This development could make the shortlist for a Nobel Prize because researchers say that this discovery is as excited as when we discovered the X-Rays.

LIGO co-founders have opened a new window to the universe, studying and tracking gravitational waves will help us better understand black holes, supernova, and other colossal space events and even possibly the fundamental laws of the universe.

Einstein Theory of Relativity or Gravitational Waves Discovery took more than 100 years to be proved correct. But not we’ll learn so much about the universe, that how it works, how it formed, hopes are mounting day-by-day as a space agency is going to launch space-based gravitational wave detector.

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