Saifullah’s Father: Parents should keep close watch on their children’s activity, I regret not doing so!

Lucknow ISIS suspect Saifullah led a mysterious life according to his family, who stayed away from family and joined world’s most dangerous terror group ISIS without their slightest of knowledge. Saifullah’s father, Sartaj who lives in Kanpur. Saifullah’s father refused to accept his body after knowing his involvement in anti-national activities. Many dangerous homemade bombs and ISIS flag was found with Saifullah. Sartaj, who works as a supervisor in a tannery, had scolded his son a few months back publicly and thrashed him out of his home. His father said they were not in contact with Saifullah from past two months.

lucknow encounter suspect saifullah

Saifullah’s father is now regretting that why he didn’t question his son’s activities and lost in front of his son’s anger. Saifullah completed his graduation in commerce, and after getting out of college, he was always wandering with the friends. According to the family, Saifullah used always to remain stuck on his Whatsapp and never allowed to touch his phone. He uses to lost his anger whenever anyone, even a child use to touch his phone. On December, Saifullah called his sister and said he is going to leave for New Delhi to have his visa done and after getting a visa, he will be leaving for Dubai for some job.

Along with Saifullah, his friend Atif Muzaffar was involved with him. Atif was staying with his mother who was a widow. According to his mother, Atif was behaving suspiciously from past few months and was frequently meeting Saifullah and his Cousin Danish. Atif suddenly got an urge for going to Saudi Arabia for Umra (pilgrimage), for which he sold his mother’s only piece of land in Rs 22 lakhs, and no one knows what he did with that money. Saifullah was jovial before his mother’s death, but after her death, his movement was disturbing his family, but they were unable to control his activities.

Another friend of Saifullah found Saifullah, Danish and Atif meeting quite often on the banks of Ganga close to his home in Jajmau Teela locality or on a Dhaba on the highway. The eatery owner in the road said the boys found in tea, but they usually talk less among themselves and always remain glued to their phones. Atif was also arrested from Kanpur and, e is a drop out from Aligarh Muslim University.

It was considered that ISIS have not been able to spread its network in India but due to recent observations made by the NIA in the country, it is clear that ISIS is spreading his poison in India and has succeeded in it after youths from Kerala to Gujarat have been found to be involved in it. The Lucknow ISIS suspect Saifullah and other suspects were in regular touch with their ISIS handler.

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