Maharashtra Minister Eknath Khadse on Dawood’s Frequent Caller List

Maharashtra minister Eknath Khadse been accused of talking to Dawood Ibrahim. According to the media report, the number on which the international calls was made from Dawood’s Karachi house, one of them is the number of Khadse. Eknath Khadse considered the fact that the number which has been popped up in the report, registered in his name. However, he denied that he or any member of his family has spoken to Dawood Ibrahim.

Maharashtra Minister Eknath Khadse on Dawood’s Frequent Caller List

A few days ago, media reports said that the name of a BJP’s powerful minister has been coming up in the Dawood’s call list. But “India Today” report, on Saturday, claimed about Khadse. Maharashtra government has ordered a probe into it. The government has asked a team of hackers to find out the truth behind the numbers and the calls.

BJP leader Eknath Khadse clarified and said, “I’m sure that after investigation it will be clear that my family or I have nothing to do with these calls. I do not know how so many calls were reported from Karachi on my number.”

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and NCP have sought to resign from BJP leader Eknath Khadse.

Eknath Khadse name was obtained by hacking official website of PTCL

Last week it was revealed that Dawood speaks regularly with leaders in India. He used to call through four landline numbers from his bungalow in Karachi. Gujarat-based Ethical hackers obtained These figures by hacking the official website of Pakistan’s telecommunication company PTCL after they were handed over to the media. These numbers were achieved by two ethical hackers – Jayesh Shah and Manish Bangle.

The call records which have been revealed are off between September 5, 2016, and April 5, 2016. An Indian Intelligence Officials have admitted that the number which has been surfaced, securities agencies have their information.

Five out of 10 International numbers already registered in India

The four number which is being referred to the bungalow of Dawood Ibrahim they are all recorded in the name of his wife, Mehazbin Sheikh.

By 2006, PTCL was the company of Pakistan’s government, but then some of its shares were sold to the private companies. Out of four numbers of Dawood’s, one number was in constant use to make calls in 10 international numbers. In March 2016, the telephone bill of number 021-3587**19 was charged for 5689.53 Pakistani Rupees. Surprisingly, out of 10 international numbers, five of them are registered in India. Other than these, four numbers are of UAE, and one is of UK’s International Bank.

These are the four numbers of Dawood Ibrahim

[button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””]021-3587**19[/button]

[button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””]021-3587**39[/button]

[button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””]021-3587**99[/button]

[button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””]021-3587**99[/button]

Last year report of Danik Bhaskar reveals that Dawood Ibrahim was in regular contact with politicians, Businessman and cricketers in India. They all are helping him from India. The report also reveals those numbers which are registered on the name of his wife. Some big businessmen and high profile leaders of the country were in constant touch with Dawood. These people were involved in providing confidential information to Dawood. When their names will come to light, many of the powerful people in India will have sleepless nights.

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