Meet the real Bigg Boss, Man behind the voice

With the year end, the most popular reality show Bigg Boss has made headlines. This time the show is not in headlines for any controversies or affairs but for the man who has lend his voice to the most popular reality show Bigg Boss.

atul kapoorProbably Bigg Boss is one of the most celebrated reality show. The show is on aired from October to January every year.

Viewers keep an eye on the show during the prime time slot. The show is all the ingredients that a masala film has. The show contains cats fight to affairs and it is a fun for the viewer to watch every day.

One of the most unsolved mystery of the show which has created headlines from Bigg Boss 1 to Bigg Boss 10.

But viewers and the contestant do not know the powerful voice behind Bigg Boss who really is.

Since the show has started viewer have always heard Bigg Boss ordering the contestant, sometime scolding them and even consoling the contestant.

According to the report, it was been said that television actor Mohan Kapoor has lend his voice to the most popular reality show Bigg Boss.

But the recent report suggests that voice which we hear is of renowned voice-over artist Atul Kapoor.

Source have revealed that it is not the voice of Mohan Kapur but the actual voice is of Atul Kapoor.

Atul Kapoor has a commanding baritone which has made him perfect to be the perfect choice for the reality show Bigg Boss. It is also been said as one of the most important reasons why Atul returns every season.

Atul Kapoor’s deep and husky voice helps him to return with each season. According to the source, he is been paid the good amount for his voice.

Atul stays in the secret room inside the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ which is in Karjat. The makers of the show have always kept the identity and location of Atul secret from the viewers and contestant.

For the entire duration of the season, even the location of Atul is kept unknown from the contestant.

According to the source, the broadcaster and producers have taken proper care to protect his identity.

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