Moto Z Flagship will feature 10x Optical Zoom, claims Company

Lenovo has released a new teaser of its upcoming Smartphone Moto Z flagship. In this new teaser, Company has revealed information about the camera in the phone. Earlier, a photo of Moto Z leaked which shows the side design of the handset.

Moto Z Flagship will feature 10x Optical Zoom

Lenovo Moto Z teaser claims that this Smartphone will come with the optical zoom feature. New Moto flagship Smartphone may feature 10x optical zoom camera. Before this handset, 3x option zoom seen in the Asus Zenfone Zoom.

In the teaser picture, a 16 ‘magnetic points’ photo features which may have 16 Pogo pin at the rear of Moto Z.

According to the Moto teaser, Lenovo tech world event will start on June 9 (tomorrow). In this event, new Moto Flagship introduced along with Moto E handset. Motorola said in a statement, “We’re not bringing Moto Razorback, but we promise to transform mobile landscape.”

Last month, Motorola had released a video on Youtube, which is the teaser of launch event on 9th of June. The teaser exhibits company’s traditional model Moto Razor V3 Flip Phone. Remember that Moto Razor V3 was one of the most popular handsets of the company of its time. So far, more than 130 million handsets around the world have been sold by the corporation. After watching the teaser, it is clear that company will launch Moto Z flagship during the tech event on June 9.

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