Mysterious Serial Dog Killer caught on CCTV camera

A gruesome incident of cruelty against animals came into existence in the national capital. A man or Serial Dog killer yet to be identified went on a killing spree. The man caught on CCTV footage, which shows that he is killing a puppy and stabbing three stray dogs. The incident happened in the midnight of the 15th of March.

Mysterious Serial Dog Killer in Delhi caught on CCTV cameraHuman Society International and fauna police have issued a reward of Rs 1 lakh. According to the residents, the man is dangerous, and we cannot let go such crimes. The man has a knife in his hands; he’s killing dogs and tomorrow he can kill humans too. He can attack kids and women. It’s high time we should catch him and get him punished.

The case against ‘Serial Dog Killer’ has been filed under Section 428 & Section 429 for the protection of cruelty to animals. The matter of the fact is that even if he got caught, he will be fined only Rs 50 or might get some little punishment. The photos and video of the incident have been put on various social media website and are going viral.

Another resident says, this incident happened on 14-15 March, the mysterious man came from somewhere to the metro station and then suddenly pulls out a knife and holds a puppy stabs him multiple no of times. After some time he holds the puppy again and throws him down the stairs. He sticks other dogs just because they were sitting next to him. The motive of the mysterious Serial Dog Killer is still unknown, but this is a whole barbaric act, and I have never seen this in my life.

He added, There was a complaint last month on animal cruelty in Yusuf Sarai and Green Park area. He is dangerous and a potential act to humans

The Delhi police are not taking this case too seriously and have failed to arrest the serial dog killer despite the evidence. It is also a fact that animal matters are not investigated so well by the police, and in India, the police department does not register any animal cruelty case as they think it’s a waste of time. Green Park residents fear the presence of sociopath in the vicinity. However, in this case, he has clearly killed two animals, he will punish under Section 429, which is a communal offense and he can be arrest without prior warning.

The police need to show far more urgency in this matter despite showing a delayed response.

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