‘Magnetism emerged in my body after receiving Covishield COVID Vaccine,’ alleges a Nashik man

Would you believe your eyes if you see a man claiming that his body acquired magnetic properties and started attracting metal objects after receiving the Covishield Covid vaccine doses? A video of a man named Arvind Sonar from Nashik, Maharashtra, claims that his body began attracting metal after receiving Covishield COVID Vaccine, has lately gone viral.

Magnetism emerged in body after receiving Covishield COVID Vaccine alleges Nashik man

Arvind is a seventy-one years old man who claims that when he returned home after getting the second Covishield COVID vaccine jabbed into his body at a private hospital, the metal objects started sticking to his body. He has stated that he was astounded by the sight.

The viral video clearly shows that the man’s body is actually attracting metals. Similar videos have gone viral in the past also. However, it’s the first time an individual has claimed that the Covishield COVID vaccine doses have caused such a side effect.

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Moreover, scientists have refuted that this is attributable to the vaccination. Rajesh Tope, Minister of Health, Maharashtra has asked for proper reports of the incident. In this situation, he stated that adequate scientific and medical study will be conducted.

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