Neerja Box office Collection took Sonam Kapoor’s career to a new height

Neerja Box Office Collection: Neerja saved one more life, Sonam Kapoor’s. Yeah, I know you have read this troll already, either in the form of a forward message on Whatsapp or as a shared post of a friend. But let’s face it, this is the reality. No hard feeling!  Sonam. The once jeopardized career of Sonam Kapoor has been rejuvenated by ‘Neerja.’

The ones that were making fun of her are now praising her acting skills. If Neerja had not earned more than 35 crores in a week, the happiness would not have been this high.

sonam kapoor's neerja box office collectionThe movie ‘Neerja’ has many great things. First of all the movie was well, spectacular. The people were already very curious about the plot line of the film. The direction of Ram Madhwaani was great. There was a lot of praise for Sonam’s acting.

Neerja Box Office Collection second highest after Airlift, in 2016

The movie Neerja with released with only 700 prints but remarkably was able to collect 22 crores at the box office window on its weekend. Due to this the total box office collection of Neerja, is more than 35 crore until now. Also, the movie has already regained 90% of its cost and movie has earned a good status after the Maharashtra and Gujarat government exempted it from tax.

According to the trend in Bollywood, the movies based on real incidents, always appreciated by a category of audience. It is the second time, after the film Airlift that the audience have liked a movie based on a real incident. Regardless to say that Airlift, which was once taken casually by Akshay Kumar, has now become the most successful movie at the box office.

Airlift has done a business of more than 230 crores worldwide. The movie has earned 127 crore net (184 crores gross) in India and 47.60 crores overseas.

The box office collection of Neerja is steadily growing. That is the reason that the screens of the movie have now increased from 700 to 900 in the second week.

Opening day, Neerja earned 4.70 crores. Neerja box office collection rose to 7.60 crores on the second day and was 9.71 crore on the third day. The movie maintained its pace on Monday too, which continued till Thursday. In this duration, Neerja earned three crores.

From the statistics above, it can speculate that the movie would make up to 50 crores. If this happens, this would be Sonam Kapoor’s first film whose success was dependent on her alone.

Talking about last week release, Luvshuda, not able to do much at the box office. The movie didn’t even earn three crores. On the other hand, the mega budget film ‘Fitoor,’ having big names with it, like Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor, was declared flop after two weeks of its release.

Taking about Delhi-NCR, the movie Fitoor was restricted to only two to three shows, daily. ‘Fitoor’ having 80 crore budget, didn’t earn more than 18 crores at the box office. However, it is not righteous to blame Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor, for the failure of the movie. If anyone is responsible for the failure of the film, it is the director Abhishek Kapoor.

The year 2016, has been the year of mostly flops, the list includes “Sanam Teri Kasam” with the box office collection of 9 crores. ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’ – 30 crores. ‘Mastizaade’ – 39 crores. ‘Sala Khadoos’ – 14.75 crores. ‘Ghayal Once Again’ – 35 crore. The movie ‘Wazir’ did a medium business of 42 crores.

Neerja Box Office Collection Report and Analysis

Neerja is performing excellently at the box office window. Here we have summarized the Neerja Total Box Office Collection Report. The collection report includes it’s first and the second week earning. In its first week, Neerja managed to collect Rs. 25.71 crores.

Neerja First Week Box Office Collection

  • Neerja Friday Box Office Collection: 4.70cr
  • Neerja Saturday Box Office Collection: 7.60cr
  • Neerja Sunday Box Office Collection: 9.71cr

Neerja Second Week Box Office Collection

  • Neerja Monday Box Office Collection: 3.70cr
  • Neerja Tuesday Box Office Collection: 3.41cr
  • Neerja Wednesday Box Office Collection: 3.14cr
  • Neerja Thursday Box Office Collection: 3.06cr
  • Neerja Friday Box Office Collection: 3.15cr
  • Neerja Saturday Box Office Collection: 5cr

Well, the power packed performances, tight script, and an excellent direction is surely going to help ‘Neerja’ to roar at the box office in upcoming days.

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