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e cigarette

E-cigarettes becomes trend among youth, this is how it is affecting

E-cigarettes - thought to be responsible for a decline in youth cigarette smoking - are actually attracting a new population of adolescents who might...
virtual reality to repair damaged limbs

Virtual reality may help restore movement in damaged limbs

Scientists have developed a novel training regime that combines virtual reality and traditional physical therapy to help rehabilitate damaged limbs by allowing the healthy...
indian-american sued by us government

Indian-American sued by US govt for Medicare fraud

An Indian-American owner of a diagnostic firm has been sued by the US government on charges of knowingly submitting false claims to a state-run...
difference between heart attack and cardiac attack

What is the difference between ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Cardiac Attack’?

On Sunday night, it was reported that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa suffered ‘cardiac arrest, after which people started calling it "heart attack", but...
hiv aids death in china

HIV/AIDS took over two lakh people lives in China this year

Over two lakh people have died in China due to HIV/AIDS this year with 94 percent of them contracting the disease due to sexual...
avian flu in japan

Japan culling 330,000 birds to fight avian flu

Japan has begun slaughtering more than 330,000 farm birds to contain its first outbreaks of a highly contagious strain of avian flu in nearly...
Menopausal hormone therapy may improve bone health

Menopausal hormone therapy may improve bone health: study

Women who undergo menopausal hormone therapy for symptoms such as hot flashes may not only have increased bone mass but also improved bone structure,...

Beware! ‘E-cigarettes’ can damage your gums and teeth

Have you heard about e-cigarettes? Yes, electronic cigarette! It is an alternative to conventional cigarette and is getting popular among younger adults as it...

FSSAI to set up food safety standards review panel

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) today said it is in the process of setting up a food safety standards review...
zika virus cuses through aedes mosquito in india

Human antibody shields mouse foetuses against Zika

An antibody produced by the human body shielded unborn mice against Zika, a study said today, raising hopes for thwarting the virus known to...

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