Attacks on Nigerians were due to fake rumours, not because of Hate Crime or Hate against any race: Greater Noida DM

While addressing the media on the issue of attacks on Nigerians, Nagendra P Singh, Gautam Buddha Nagar DM said that fake news was circulated by the people in social media. He stated that the attacks on the Nigerians were not out to hate crime or hate against any race. Also, he said that Nigerian attack Greater Noida were because of rumors that were spread about the death of the youth which initiated anger among the people.

nigerian attack greater noida

Singh told that fake reasons were built up for the passing of the young people and rumors led to the anger among the residents made the people attack the Nigerians living in the area. The incident started after a Class 12 boy died due to an excessive dose of drugs. Fake rumors circulated that Nigerians living in the area were responsible for supplying drugs to him. Some Nigerians around 30-35 in numbers live in the Greater Noida Society near Pari Chowk.

After the death of the youth, locals people assaulted few Nigerians out of which four were said to be missing. After the incident, the local Nigerians contacted External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj who assured them to give fair and unbiased judgment for the violence. MJ Akbar also confirmed the Nigerian High Commission in India promising them to give full protection and safety to the Nigerians living in the region.

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