Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami call Salman an ISI agent, launched FIR against Bigg Boss

It seems like Bollywood superstar Salman khan who is hosting Bigg Boss 10 is not happy with the current season. It does not come as a shock for the viewers.

Om swami salman khan

Salman is hosting the show since Bigg Boss 4 but this season seems to be the worst one. Om Swami has crossed all the limits in the show.

According to the sources, Salman personally hates the saint and the actor is happy because finally, the self-proclaimed God man is out of the house.

After Om Swami was thrown out of the house by the security personnel, Swami did not take any time to give an interview.

In the interview, Om Swami has said that how he was mistreated inside the house. Further, he has said that the entire house which includes the host of the show Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan is anti-national.

In the interview, Om Swami has said that he has taken the revenge from the contestant. He has said that the contestant used to adulterate his food by mixing drugs in it every day.

Further, Om Swami has accused Salman of being an ISI agent. Swami has added that the makers of the show have threatened to kill him. Swami didn’t stop here, he has said that for four days Bani J has slept with Jason Shah.

Om Swami has said that Salman has fooled him by sending chicken in the name of baingan. Further, Swami has said that Salman is against Hindutva and he wants to degrade the Hindu culture.

Swami in the interview has said that Salman Khan has joined hands with Hafiz Saeed to succeed in his mission.

Host Salman Khan has come with his special episode a day in advance, which was on Friday. Salman has said that now he is happy with the decision of the channel of throwing out ‘dhongi baba’.

Further, Salman has added that if the makers hadn’t thrown him out then he would have stepped inside the house and would have thrown Swami out himself.

Salman even did not shy from abusing Om Swami on the national television.

Recently, Om Swami has thrown his pee on fellow contestant Rohan Mehta and Bani J on national television during the captaincy task.

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