Pakistan ban Condom-Contraceptive ads on TV-Radio, cannot display Hindi cartoon

In Pakistan, displaying condom advertisements on TV is not legal. According to the order issued by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, Contraceptive and family planning product ads should be banned immediately on television and radio. Quoting the PEMRA notification, ” various complaints were received against contraceptive drugs commercials on TV. By these complaints, such ads have been decided to stop airing.

Pakistan ban Condom Contraceptive advertismentOrdinary people in Pakistan believe that these product announcements and information on their use will have a harmful effect on children. Parents expressed their discomfort over such product ads. Most people wanted these ads to be banned.

The regulatory body also said that, if the media organization disobeys orders, legal action will be taken against them. Last Year, PEMRA lifted the ban on a Condom commercial. Authority told that the advertisement is against the religious sentiment. Also, a ban on Hindi dubbing cartoon has also been uplifted.

Two days ago, an Islamic body CII asked the Nawaz Sharif government for a change in the new women security bill. CII said- ‘If a woman does not obey husband’s command, not wearing clothes according to him, refuses to be physical; then her husband can beat her lightly.’ Additionally, after 120 days of pregnancy, abortion should be considered as killing.

PEMRA lifted ban on airing of undesired commercial on TV channels

According to the CII Bill, if women do not wear hijab, talk to strangers, shouts to her husband and give money to someone without the spouse’s permission; then the man can beat his wife. It was also said that female nurses cannot take care of male patients. Girls cannot continue their education in co-ed schools after their primary education. Women cannot take part in any military action. Also, they cannot work in advertisements. Women cannot welcome foreign delegation. They cannot get along with men and cannot go anywhere with strangers.

pemra ordered media organisation to ban condom ads

The advertisement was issued on May 26, 2016, which states that “PEMRA has received complaints about advertising of contraceptive products aired on electronic media (TV channel & FM Radios). The general public is very much concerned about the exposure of such products to the innocent children, which get inquisitive on features/use of goods. Parents have shown apathy on marketing/advertisement of such products and demanded its ban on satellite TV channels and FM Radios.”

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