Panama Paper Leaks Update: More Indians Involved in Illegal tax saving

The Panama leaked document contains more names of the people who have hidden their money in other countries to save themselves from taxes. The Panama Paper Leaks list of Mossack Fonseka includes politicians, industrialists, jewelers and cricketer. The names that have come forward in the list of people who have hidden their money also included a former cricketer, Ashok Malhotra. There are 1.5 crore tax documents leaked from Panama’s law firm Mossack Fonseka. The names that came earlier in the Panama paper leak included Vladimir Putin, Nawaz Shareef and footballer like Messi. From India, questions were asked from Amitabh Bachchan, his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai and D.L.F. Promoter, K.P Singh as their names were mentioned in the Panama paper leak.

Panama Paper Leaks Update More Indians Involved in Illegal tax saving

Panama Paper Leaks second list released, Comprise more Indian names

The second lists of the people who have bought companies in tax haven countries have been published. The list contains names like:

  1. Ashwini Kumar Mehra: Ashwini Kumar Mehra is the owner of Mehra Sons Jewellers. Ashwini two sons also work as his partner in Mehra Sons Jewellers. There are seven companies registered in their names. These companies are situated in British Virgin Islands and Bahamas.
  2. Ashok Malhotra: Ashok Malhotra who is a former cricketer has been a part of Indian cricket team. Ashok Malhotra nowadays run a cricket academy in Kolkata. A company E & P Onlookers Limited has been registered in his name in the British Virgin Islands. Ashok Malhotra has been coach of Indian Cricket team and Bengal Cricket team for a small tenure. Ashok Malhotra has played 20 one-day matches and 7 test matches on behalf of India.
  3. Prabhash Sanklecha: Prabhash Sanklecha did government job in Madhya Pradesh. After his wife’s death, he is currently living in Indore. A company Lotus Horizon S.A. has been registered on his name. The company Lotus Horizon S.A. is situated in the British Virgin Islands.
  4. Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav: Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav runs a healthcare company named Sava Healthcare. The units of Sava Healthcare are in Ahmed Nagar and Bangalore. Many companies are registered in the name of Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav which are situated in the British Virgin Islands.
  5. Gautam and Karan Thapar: GautamThaparand Karan Thapar are sons of Brajmohan Thapar who is the owner of Crompton Greaves. Karan Thapar is the director of the group since 2000. Two companies naming Charlwood Foundation and Nikon International Foundation are registered on his name. Karan Thapar has joined Badarpur Industries Limited which is his uncle, Lalit Mohan’s company.
  6. Gautam Singhal: Gautam Singhal is investment manager and I.T. Consultant. Gautam Singhal has many businesses that work in different fields. A company Jeff Morgan Capital Limited is registered in the name of Gautam Singhal and is situated in the British Virgin Islands.
  7. Samtani Family: This family includes Satish Gowing Samtani, Harish Samtani and Vishwa Bahadur whose names are contained in the second list of Panama Paper leak. They have a family business of Readymade Garments. Vishwa Bahadur has two companies registered in his name in the British Virgin Islands.
  8. Anurag Kejriwal: Anurag Kejriwal was the President of LokSatta Party in Delhi. After a sting operation of his went viral during Lok Sabha Elections, Anurag Kejriwal was thrown from the party. The Panama leaked documents reveals that he has three companies and two foundations registered in his name. All of these are situated in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.

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