Prime Minister Narendra Modi said change has come, pledged to eradicate corruption

Celebrating the second anniversary of his government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the change could be seen through good governance in the past two years. He pledged to root out corruption and said that his government is committed to making life easier for the victims of crime and corruption.

prime minister narendra modi

Without naming the Congress, he accused opposition party of restricting the government in the path of development. He said people could see it and can sense the truth.

Including coal block allocation, recalling other scams and scandals of UPA government, the Prime Minister stated that the primary goal of the government is to curb the menace of corruption and people can see it compared to the previous regime.

PM Modi also said, until we will recall the work which was done by the previous government, we may not realize what great work has been done. He said, ‘I stand with the people of this country with the sense of satisfaction. Despite granular assessment of our functioning and work, we were able to gain the confidence and enthusiasm of our people.’ People believe in us, and this belief is growing day-by-day. PM Modi said, ‘I cannot say about those for whom it is important to oppose us for political reasons. It is so natural, but one thing is to want to say, on one side there is evolution, and on the other hand there is antagonism.’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue of BJP-Left struggle in Kerala before Vijayan

During a meeting with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to the problem of violence among BJP-RSS and Left members and said that he expects his intervention in the matter and end of the political conflict.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked Kerala Chief Minister to maintain peace in the state, to ensure that he is ready to take any action. While addressing a press conference at Kerala House, Vijayan said, during the meeting, the Prime Minister raised the issue of political violence in the state and expressed his hope of their interference to end it.

Vijayan replied that both parties must stop their supporters from engaging in the conflict. Vijayan said he had also met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who sought support from LDF government for the implementation of GST. After meeting with the Prime Minister, in a Facebook post, Vijayan said, there should have a healthy relationship between the Centre and the state.

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