Radhika Apte speaks about Padman, Sex, Periods and bold scenes!!

Radhika Apte who is known for her bold films and bold statements is ready with her next film which involves a very controversial issue. Radhika Apte Padman is her upcoming film where she is cast opposite Akshay Kumar is based on a real-life story of a man from Arunachal Pradesh. It about a journey of a man who goes a long way to making sanitary napkins for cheaper rates.

radhika apte padman

Padman raises the hidden but most controversial issue of India that is sex and Menstruation. The plot very intelligently highlights the issue. apart from Radhika and Akshay, Sonam Kapoor is also working in this film. Speaking on Padman Radhika Says that India is a country where people are very ashamed of Sex and Sexuality. “I think our country is very ashamed of sexuality, physicality, or human body. Anything to do with human body or sexuality is a problem here,” She says.

Speaking about the menstrual problem in India, Radhika says, “It should not feel awkward touching the pad in front of people. These are small things with which people have issues,” she said. Radhika is associated with sanitary napkin brand Whisper India as an ‘influencer’, says that it is not only men who have issues talking about it. “Women also have issues about it. It is all a part of society and upbringing, and it is high time we changed it,” she said.

“All I can I say is that as you know it is about a Padman and has a sanitary napkin on the poster. So there is a lot of scope for imagination. I am very happy that something like this is being handled at such a big level in Bollywood,” speaking on Padman Radhika said. Padman will be releasing on August whose shooting has been started in Indore.

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