Railway employee taking bath in pantry car, Photo gone viral, WCR will take action

In the past also, several questions had been raised about the quality of food which served in Indian Railway, but the officials took no actions against the guilty. The quality of food in Indian railway is so bad that new revelations surface on day to day basis. This time, a photo has gone viral on social media in which a vendor is taking a bath in the pantry car. The case is of ‘Tapti-Ganga Express’ which travels from Surat to Chapra via Itarsi, Katni. In the viral picture, an Indian Rail employee is taking a bath inside the pantry car. Not only this, but employees are also washing clothes indiscriminately. A passenger took These photos.

Railway employee taking bath in pantry car Photo gone viralAfter seeing this passenger was completely shocked and surprised, he immediately took out his mobile and clicked the pictures of the railway employees. One of the employees saw him doing this; the passenger fled and came back to his coach. He showed pictures to the fellow passengers and explained the scene. However, after the photos went viral on social media, West-Central Railway (WCR) officer told that we would take strict action against those who are involved in this act.

Railways officials raided ‘Golden Temple Mail,’ serious flaws detected

After the emergence of serious flaws in ‘Golden Temple Mail’ Pantry car, Western Railway fined Rs 10 lakh on the firm which was responsible for operating pantry car. In such cases, this is the first time Railway has asked for the penalty.

The pantry car was raided by railway officials, in which serious flaws detected.

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