RBI to release new 50 Rupees Note, Parliament Photo to be replaced by Chariot

Reserve Bank of India is going to release new 50 rupees note. The Photo of Parliament will be replaced by Rath on the back side of the new note of 50 rupees. This note will showcase the country’s cultural heritage. In addition, the RBI has also made it clear that the notes of the old series will remain in the currency. Besides the RBI 50 rupees, a new note of 20 rupees can also be launched before Dussehra next month.

50 rupees note

According to the photographs issued by the Reserve Bank of India, the new note of Rs 50 will be in Turquoise Color. The printing and design of this note are just like the ongoing 500 and two thousand notes. This currency note will be of Mahatma Gandhi Series-2005 with the signature of governor Urjit Patel.

new 50 rupees note

New 50 Rupees Note Features

  1. Like the old notes, this note will also be a picture of Mahatma Gandhi, but this time the photo of Mahatma Gandhi will be seen in the center.
  2. 50 written on the Left side in Devanagari.
  3. ‘RBI’, ‘India’ and ’50’ written in microletter.
  4. ‘India’ and ‘RBI’ will be written on dematerialized security thread.
  5. On the back, left side will be the year of the publication of the note
  6. On the back, Swacch Bharat Logo and slogan
  7. On the back, Hampi shape with chariot

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