Reality check: Black money can be traced by Radioactive ink in 2000 rupee note

The rumors for 2000 rupee new note are now common in social media. In this series, new message is going viral on social media. It is being claimed that the news 2000 rupee note is embedded with radioactive ink. This ink is working as an indicator of black money for Income Tax department. Due to which income-tax department is getting huge success in catching black money. Let’s find out the truth about radioactive ink in 2000 rupee note…

radioactive ink in 2000 rupee note

As per the claim in the viral messages, the radioactive ink used in new 2000 rupee note contains Phosphorous-32. Actually, phosphorous-32 have radio-active radiation in it. In such case, if someone is having huge amount of 2000 rupee note at a place, it will have higher radiation. This radiation can be detected by detectors.

There is no external instrument

According to scientists, ink components can be made radioactive and it can be called as radioactive ink. Even if the new 2000 rupee note is equipped with such radioactive element, no such external instrument has been made till now which can detect it. So, notes inside locker or any other place cannot be detected.

Cannot be detected after 15 days

According to experts, radioactive elements decay after a period of time. It means that radioactive element cannot emit the radiation for lifetime. The life of Phosphorous-32 is of 14.92 days, which suggests, if you will hide it for 15 days then after 15 days these notes will become untraceable.

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  • C i m a telecomn scientist. I know there is a chip embedded in the currency note. The chip is a nano chip dat is the size of very small dat canot be viewed by naked eyes. Now to make u imagine. A single sheet of paper is 100000 nano meter thick so just think a chip of 100 nano meter cannot be detected so easily by human eyes..but only electron microscope can see it and sattelite can detect it at any range from 150 mter under the ground to any height above the surface…so my dear friends now please surrender and deposit all the extra BLACK MONEY at the earliest to GOVT OF INDIA… for more information catch me on capt [email protected]

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