No matter how much i am humiliated, i will never leave India: Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra, Son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and husband of Priyanka Gandhi, was asked about his future in politics. In response to that, he said that we never know our future, at this point I can’t tell. Let’s see what future has in store for me and what is written in my fortune.

No matter how much i am humiliated, i will never leave India Robert VadraHe added, even if I am not in politics, I write on what I believe are sensitive issues on social media. Whenever I feel that I can work for people of my country, I will think about joining politics.

Robert Vadra said that I would never leave my country no matter how much I am humiliated and what people say about me. He said, ‘Soon people will understand that what is right and what is wrong.’ In the real estate business most of the people are upset and afraid, but soon they will raise their voices. I wish government will do good work, but I also think that people will revolt and will understand the situation.

On the matter of youth movement, He said, nobody says that they are against the country, but people have their way of thinking. No conditions can be imposed to suppress youth. Our nation is full of diversity. People have their views, and we should understand their opinion. Youth have things to say.

He said, ‘I don’t need Priyanka to enhance my life, I have quite a few. My family has given me a lot. My family is adamant and good. It does not matter what I read about myself in the newspaper and media; I know the truth’. Time has changed now, earlier 50-60 percent was enough but now marks below than 90 percent are of no worth.

During his talk with ANI, I don’t care what Modi government think and say about me, who knows my truth better than me. On the question of freedom of expression, he said, nobody says go against nation but people have their way of thinking. Can’t dictate terms, or push youth down.

I am a proud Indian. I also believe that I have my thinking and ideology. I have a legal right to make a decision between right or wrong. Students are our future; we should listen to them, bullying is not fair.

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