Sadhguru on Racial Discrimination and the challenge associated with it

Sadhguru on Racial Discrimination – In one of the Youth and Truth sessions that took place at Columbia University conducted by Sadhguru, he talked about facing bigotry at the airport despite following all the rules and regulations.

The question asked by the moderator was, “How can we bring people together in such a divided world?”

To which Sadhguru answered, “I’m sure you are not naive enough to believe in just two and a half years of your celebrity president, suddenly the country has become divided, come on, it always was divided.”

Then he narrated one of the incidents he faced in the immigration and passport control area in the US. He said he was wearing shades due to the fluorescent lights there and was asked to take off the shades when he came to the baggage claim. When Sadhguru inquired, “Why?” The staff replied to him, “Do you want to come to my office?”

Sadhguru stated that there were white Americans who were also wearing shades but they were not asked to take them off.

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One of the moderators also asked Sadhguru if he gets angry when facing racism. To which Sadhguru replied, “When somebody acts stupid, why will I get angry?” The response was highly applauded by the crowd.

Sadhguru further emphasised that, while racism has recently risen, it has always existed and that everyone must accept this as part of who we are. He also emphasised the need of recently surfacing the circumstance as the initial step toward reform.

It won’t be an exaggeration to sat that he views of Sadhguru on racial discrimination is the voice of millions of people who face this issue in their everyday life across the world.

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