‘Interstellar’ actor, Matthew McConaughey and Sadhguru talks about COVID19 and the only possible way to put an end to it

Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey got in conversation with Sadhguru and asked him to provide insights on Karma, dreams, reality, experience, enlightenment and so on.

Towards the end of the conversation, Sadhguru shared how the pandemic has wreaked havoc in India over the last two weeks. He also mentioned how COVID-19 is different from the pandemics that have happened in the past. He said, “Essentially we have reached a point, different generations have reached different kinds of situations but we have come to a place our fortune is right now, this virus the carrier, the sole carrier is human being, earlier we’ve had this kind of pandemics or epidemics where carriers were mice, birds, mosquitoes, other kinds of things. We couldn’t stop them, what we were thinking in our mind at that time is how to completely eliminate all the mice on the planet, how to get rid of the mosquitoes absolutely, we were planning genocides on them but right now it is us, we are the carriers.”

He further said that the only possible way to put a halt to this pandemic is to stay at home, avoid meeting people and be a conscious and responsible human being. He said, “If all of us had the sense to, fourteen days, just be with 2-3 people that we are and not meet anybody for 14 days, the pandemic is largely over.”

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev also explained how people are attached to their lifestyles more than life itself. He called lifestyle as a consequence of times we live in and life as a real thing.

Sadhguru asked the people to make a simple commitment to oneself, he said, “I will make sure I am not infected but if it so happens I am infected I will ensure it will not go to one more person, this much commitment if we take, this pandemic will be over.”

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