Salman walks free after the courts verdict, Twitteratis go berserk

A huge sigh of relief came to the Bollywood industry as Salman Khan acquitted from the arms act case and poaching of endangered antelopes like chinkara and black bucks as there was a “lack of evidence” proving his involvement in this case.

The verdict came in the famous case of poaching of endangered species and using illegal arms in the hunting of species. Khan (has been) acquitted in the Arms Act case after the prosecution failed to provide conclusive evidence,” the film star’s lawyer said.

The court exonerated Salman Khan because of lack of proof.This case will lead to the direct bailing in the black buck trial which is still going on against the actor.The facts and figures presented by the prosecution were so weak that it could not stand the trial, as reported by one of the government official found in the court.

There was a loud cheer and applaud among the supporters and fans of Salman Khan waiting outside the court.

Hailing the decision defense counsel H M Saraswat said: “the court admitted our arguments that Khan was framed in this case as he had no concrete evidence against him.”

Director Rumi Jaffery, who directed Salman in 2002’s Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega, said: “Salman Khan has finally got justice.” Another director friend of Salman, Anil Sharma, said, “I am happy for Salman Khan and his fans. It’s a big day for him and his family, and I am relieved that verdict has come in his favor.”

Bina Kak, a close friend of Salman and Congress MP lauded the verdict and said, “I am so happy. Salman has gone through a lot. He loves Rajasthan and has gone through a long ordeal. Salman is a compassionate person and he deserves all the love.”

However, not everyone is particularly happy about the decision.

Shivraj Bishnoi, who along with others filed the petition for the prosecution of the actor, expressed dissatisfaction over the judgment and said that the fight won’t stop here.

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  • I am not surprised. …that was bound to happen.. now finally in the eyes of court and law salman khan again proved himself innocent. .☺

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