June 26,2017
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These tips can boost your creative thinking and ideas

Parents, take note! Encouraging children to use gestures as they think can help them come up with more creative thinking and creative ideas, according...

Early humans began cooking food over 800k yrs ago

Early humans may have started cooking their food at some point between 800,000 and 1.2 million years ago, according to scientists who have found...

PM Modi hails successful launch of RESOURCESAT-2A satellite

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday hailed the successful launch of RESOURCESAT-2A satellite, saying it was a remarkable feat. "Successful launch of PSLV-C36 / RESOURCESAT-2A...
isro remote sensing satellite resourcesat-2a

ISRO to launch remote sensing satellite on Dec 7

Capping a year of successful launches, Indian Space Research Organisation is all set to launch PSLV-C36 carrying remote sensing satellite RESOURCESAT-2A from the spaceport...
india russia sign gfa on kudankulam

India, Russia to sign GFA on Kudankulam units 5,6 this month

India and Russia are likely to sign the General Framework Agreement (GFA) on Kudankulam units 5 and 6 by this month. "Leaders of the two...

Great Barrier Reef suffers worst coral bleaching in 2016

Higher oceanic temperatures has resulted in the worst coral bleaching ever recorded on the Great Barrier Reef, according to a report of the Australian Research...
europe air pollution

Europe air pollution causes 467,000 early deaths a year

Almost nine out of 10 European city dwellers breathe air that is harmful to their health, though the Europe air pollution is slowly improving, the...
Chandrayaan-2 mission ISRO conducts tests for Moon landing

Chandrayaan-2 mission: ISRO conducts tests for Moon landing

ISRO has started conducting tests for its ambitious Chandrayaan-2 mission at its facility in Challakere in Karnataka, where simulated lunar craters have been created...
Earth’s magnetic shield damaged super solar storms

Earth’s magnetic shield damaged; can cause super solar storms

As per a study, recently published in Physical Review Letters, a crack has been detected in the Earth’s magnetic shield because of which enormous...

China launches heavy-lift rocket ‘Long March-5’ for future space programmes

China tonight successfully launched its most powerful heavy-lift rocket which is expected to be used in future space programmes like building a permanent space...


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