Shahid plans to gain weight, know his diet and fitness routine

Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor is known as one of the most committed actors when it comes to his roles in the films. Sasha is one of the most promising actors when it comes to his role- whether it means losing weight or putting on or even going bald.

Shahid kapoor diet plan

We have seen Shahid Kapoor posting his hot workout photos on his Instagram account.

As per the report, Shahid will be seen in two looks which will be played by him in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Padmavati’. Shahid will be playing the role of Raja Rawal Ratan Singh in the film.

Shahid has been asked to beef up his body so that he can be seen convincing on screen. Even the audience will see Shahid in a lean physique for which Sasha has already completed the shooting.

According to the sources, Shahid will put on 10 kg while also building muscles under the supervision of his trainer Samir Jaura.

Sasha has already started with functional and outdoor training. On the other hand cardio and weightlifting sessions have been added to the exercises.

The actor is also following a diet routine to be fit. For a week Shahid has gone on the no-sugar-no-salt diet and after this, he will go on a new diet which will be respectively more carb-heavy. For 50 days Shahid has been on a strict diet.

Shahid Kapoor’s meal includes 50 grams of brown rice along with steamed vegetables. The regular meal of Shahid has been broken down into six smaller ones.

Shahid eats enough protein in the form of low-fat paneer, pulses and tofu as Shahid is a vegetarian.

Samir Jaura has said that for a month Shahid didn’t touch bread. He has said that I used to make sure that Shahid eats his veggies because the actor has to sustain for long hours of shoot.

Further, he has said that now he can take three rotis or 70 grams of rice. He has added that we try to make the different combination with brown or black rice. On regular basis, we alternate between chholay, rajma and black dal.

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