Sherlyn Chopra says ‘casting couch’ is a ugly reality of glamour world

Sherlyn Chopra is known for speaking boldly. In the past, her statements have generated many controversies. She had become ‘the talk of the town’ for some time for her upcoming film ‘Kamasutra 3D’. She has done enough bold scenes in the movie. She gets more headlines on her private life than her public life. Last time, she drew attention by tweeting ‘Sleeping with people for money.’ Now she has again spoken on this.

Sherlyn Chopra says casting couch is a ugly reality of glamour world

Bold and sexy Bollywood film actress Sherlyn Chopra, once again shared her thought with her fans. Sherlyn said his life is an open book, but there are some experiences which she wants to convey to people. However, sexy Sherlyn Chopra is among the heroines, who remain in the spotlight for controversy despite for her films.  Using bold words, going nude; is common for Sherlyn Chopra.

It would not be wrong to say that she kept no stone unturned to make her place in Bollywood. She had also done a nude photo shoot for ‘Playboy’ magazine. But still, she is looking for her identity in the glamor world. Sherlyn Chopra is once again in the spotlight for her upcoming movie Kamasutra 3D. Sherlyn has done a very bold scene in the film.

Kamasutra 3D star Sherlyn Chopra explains her ‘Slept for money’ statement

Sherlyn Chopra told that at the age of 19 when she decides to enter the world of glamor, she encountered various problems, she began to date a man, who was much older in age. A few days later she realized that, why is she with him?

Sherlyn told that she was dating the man maybe because she was getting expensive gifts for him. She then broke with the man. After this incident, she tweeted ‘Sleeping with people for money.’ Sherlyn says, yes I made that tweet, but it was taken in a wrong way. She also spoke openly on the casting couch.

Sherlyn says, girls have to compromise for work, and this is the ugly reality of the film world. She says that after seeing glamor world, very soon, everyone realized that ‘casting couch’ is a reality.

On her upcoming movie Kamasutra 3D, she said, I don’t know when this movie is going to release. Sherlyn wants the film to be released soon.

In her recent interview with Hindustan Times, Sherlyn Chopra said, everything was going smooth in her life. Her father was a doctor, but she was not interested in studies. She said everything would have gone right in her life if she would not have crowned Miss Andhra when she was 19-year-old.

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