Smacking Kids behind the head could affect mental health of children

It may seem reasonable to parents to slap their child at the back of their head when they make some mistakes, but the study says that Smacking kids behind the head could affect the mental health of children and many other brain consequences.

Smacking kids behind the head could affect mental health of childrenIn childhood, mother used to pat us on our head to make us sleep. If a child makes some mistakes, parents use to slap lightly at the back of the baby’s head. They treat this as a right method to punish their undisciplined child. But the 50-year long research has revealed that angry parents should think twice before smacking kids at the back of the head because it could be harmful to the child as children’s mental health is affected.

Slapping Kids up along and upside could cause Traumatic Brain Injury

The research shows that the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury emerge slowly with time due to smacking kids up along and upside. The study also concludes that young children cannot control the movement of their head as well as an adult person can.

According to the research, Slapping behind the head increases the risk of several mental problems and cognitive abilities. To reach the conclusions, researchers analyzed data from five decades. During this time they investigated nearly 1,60,000 children’s lives. The research was conducted at University of Texas, Austin and published in Journal of Family Physiology.

Researchers found a positive relationship between children’s who undergo this experience and mental health problems. The research published in ‘Journal of Family Physiology.’

According to Elizabeth, author of the study from the University of Texas at Austin, “Research shows that slapping at the back of the head has a relation with mental health problem. Also, if parents think that doing so would improve their children, so it is wrong because this way they cannot improve their behavior for a long time.”

So, Parents must always control their anger and at least do not try to hit children in their head and face, as it could lead to serious consequences.

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